Renouncing your Malaysian citizenship – get the entire process done in 3 working days

I recently (Feb 2012) went to the the Malaysia High Commission in Singapore to renounce my Malaysian citizenship. You can get it done in 3 working days at Malaysia High Comm in Singapore!

The following Information was last updated on 3 Aug 2016.

Here is what you should do:

1.Letter of Approval from Singapore ICA (x2 copies, 1st page will do, ignore the ‘attachment’ page)
2. Malaysia NRIC (x2 copies front & back)
3. Singapore blue IC (x2 copies front & back)
4. Birth Certificate (Must be laminated, x2 copies front & back)
5. Malaysian Passport (Latest one will do, no need to make copy)
6. 3 Passport Sized Photos (White / blue background)
7.  $10/- Cash for processing fee
*IMPORTANT: All photocopies MUST BE in A4 size, if you forgot to do so, there’s a photocopy counter (20 cents each) at the other hall where they process passport applications)
8. Fill up all forms with BLACK pen, in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Go to Malaysia High Comm. on any weekdays between 8am – 11am (You must submit all the forms by 11.30am)

You may download these forms (K form and MY-RN1 form and Additional Information) from the High Comm website before you go to the Malaysia High Comm, which may help you to speed up the process when you are at the High Comm. But on the day, you would need to fill up the ‘original K forms’ again (yellow colour), together with the one that you downloaded from the website.
(The officer there will tell you which form to make copy and which doesn’t have to)

1. Get your pass at the Security Guard outside the gate.
2. Proceed to the Consular Section (or Konsular hall in Malay, just ask for directions from the guard).
3. Look for the their staff at the right corner of the hall, the hall is quite small, well, I should call it a room. Show him what you have got with you and he will give you additional form to fill up.
4. Fill up the first set of forms and get the Annex A photocopied at the other hall.
5. Get him to check your forms once you’re done. He will pass you the final “K form” to fill up. (most ppl who are not sure about the place of issue of your Malaysian IC. Just fill in PETALING JAYA. And the date shall leave it blank.)  don’t bother about the Witness part. Don’t have to fill in, refer to this link
6. Get him to check your K form and supporting documents. And another officer will get your thumbprints done and issue a queue number.
7. Submit your forms and documents at the counter.
8. Wait to be called again for payment. They will issue a collection date (normally 3 working days, some got it the next day) for your letter of renunciation (which you need to bring to ICA to register your Singapore Citizenship).
9. The receipt of S$10/- being admin fee. The collection slip has the date of collection plus an acknowledgement of docs that Malaysia High Commission has taken from you ie. identity card, passport etc.

Things to take note:
– If you are travelling before your appointment with ICA, DON’T renounce your Malaysian citizenship too early as they will keep your passport on that day, that’s the last day you see your Malaysian passport! You won’t be able to travel out of Singapore until you get your Singapore passport later.
– You will surrender your Malaysian I/C, passport and birth cert to the Malaysia High Comm. So you may want to make extra photocopies of those documents just in case you need them in future for reference etc.
– Collection time of the letter of renunciation is between 2.30-3.30pm, 3 working days later (1 reader feedback that he could collect on the next day).

Good luck!

PS: I would like to thank those readers who asked questions and contributed some good pointers in my blog, therefore I have created a new post title ‘Questions and Answers‘, hope it helps!

After your Singapore Citizenship Ceremony:

Dear readers, I just attended the citizenship ceremony last month (July 2012) and thought the following information will be useful to you:
– A week after you Singapore Citizenship Ceremony, you will receive an email from Malaysian High Comm requesting you to collect the K form.
Look out Sender : CONSULAR OFFICER []
– Collect it within a month of the email notification (original birth cert will be returned to you as well).
– Before making a trip to ICA, photocopy the K form and bring along the original one on that day. No need to make appointment for this process.
– Recommended to take your photo at level 1 of ICA building. If not, do inform the photographer that the photo is for NRIC. (Wear darker shirt/ top)
– On the date of appointment. Scan the bar-code (on letter issued by ICA) at the auto-Q no. issuing machine to obtain your Q no. The system is being pre-programed to recognise the application is individual or bundle ( 2 or 3 applicants). Only 1 ticket will be issued. (No need to go to the counter 7/ 8).
– Wait for your no. to be called. Follow the process and your are expecting to meet 3 different officers.

Hope the above helps.


563 thoughts on “Renouncing your Malaysian citizenship – get the entire process done in 3 working days

  1. Malaysian Passport (Latest one will do)

    my colleague told me need to make police report for lost/ could not found expired passport. This is no longer valid today?

  2. Thanks for this very informative details and appreciate all the help given here. I actually live overseas, so that whole process quite challenging for me to complete and travel out of singapore with the singapore passport. I saw in the singapore website it takes 1 week to get a notice from singapore government but any idea how long does it really take upon submission of the application for the new singapore passport to the time that you really get it? Appreciate your advice. Thanks

      • Hi echoong
        They will only notify us by post with the pink slip is it?
        Will they inform us by email?
        Do we need to book eAppointment for Collection? or Date will be given for collection? or We can just go down to ICA for the collection any time?

        Sorry for the questions 🙂

        Thanks! Your website is very helpful!

      • Hi echoong

        I have applied for singapore passport by deposit box last week after registration for singaporean & oath taking

        My questions are:
        1. Will they inform us on the collection of passport from the ‘pink slip’ or ’email’?
        2. Do we need to make eAppointment for the passport collection? or we could just go up to the ICA Level 2 Buliding for the collection without any appointment (with the pink slip)?

        Sorry for the unclear questions 🙂

      • Tee,

        You will receive pink slip informing you to collect your passport. You will have to make an appointment via the website for the passport collection.

      • Thanks! like this.. it will take more than a week for passport collection 🙂 (cos eAppointment can book 2 days before selected day) am I right?

  3. Hi, thanks for the information. Can I ask if we’ll be able to collect our original birth certificate when we collect the letter 3 working days later?

      • hi

        would you be able to share what is the rational that we must laminated the original birth certificate? it isnt stated in the website.

  4. Dear Choong,

    On Aug 15, 2012, I have just completed the same process as per your very excellent info above.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi echong,

    Thanks for yr guidance notes. I am going to renounce my Msian citizenship. And I have 2 questions:-
    1. You mentioned the birth cert must be laminated. Can you confirm that is really required? I don’t doubt you but just want to be sure.
    2. I will go to the Msian High Comm tomorrow (Aug 16th 2012)morning to renounce my citizenship. If it takes 3 working days, I should have the form K back on Tues Aug 21. Had already made an appt with ICA on Aug 24th Fri. Do you think I get my Spore passport by Aug 30th as I am going to Msia to go to Medan on Sept 1st.? You think I am cutting it too close?

    Hope you will see this question today so I can indeed go tomorrow Friday Aug 17th. Thanks a lot for your answers.


    • Suifoon,

      For Q1, Yes, it is a must.

      Q2, Hmmmm….. fingers crossed. Yup, you are cutting too close. You can only apply for SG passport on 24th August and it normally takes a week before you can collect your passport (must book the collection time slot via ICA website). So I suggest you email to ICA to request for 21st afternoon or 22nd morning to process your citizenship, tell them your situation.

      Good luck!

      • thank you echoong for the great detail (:

        i have managed to renounce my citizenship on 16aug, the collection for the letter is on 23aug (perhaps due to public holiday~)

      • Hi Suifoon,
        Did you manage to get your passport in time for your trip on 1st Sep. ?

        I am asking because my case is similar to yours as I am renouncing tmr and have a trip on 26th Dec with my family.

  6. thank you so much echoong for the information here, it’s really very very useful! Especially on the old passports part, it’s a relief that we don’t have to make police report for those very old ones. thank you again for the useful info.

    mou – hope you are able to see this question, so it’s really confirmed that they will only collect the latest passport? also, after we have filled in the downloaded forms, we still have to fill in more forms there?

    thank you again.

    • yes 😀
      only the latest passport.

      after we fill up the downloaded form, they will check through before they issue the original form (yellow),

      Furthermore, we will need to fill in 1 more form.
      For that form, please kindly prepare your education details & employment history (including office address) for that particular form which you would only get it from there.

      hope i am not late in replying you.

      • hi mou, i went to reply below.

        thank you so much for your kind reply and the detailed information on the Forms.
        thanks for the head up in preparing the education & employment history, otherwise, will be cracking head and delay at the high comm.

        you are not late at all, i realised i could only made it on thursday.

        appreciates your help very much.


      • Hihi! All great & wonderful details along this thread… appreciate all the contributions! (As we all know, in “Malaysia”, sometimes it’s not easy/ straightforward to get things done) …

        Quick questions on your note on the need to have Education details and Employment details at hand for the form to be filled on-site – how far back in terms of years would the information be required for? Eg; 5 years, 10 years history?

        Many thanks!

      • Hi there,

        I had been following this thread very closely ever since I got the in-principal approval for the citizenship.

        I just renounced my Malaysian citizenship recently and big thanks to Echo Ong and everyone here as the information here is up-to-date and accurate.

        In regards to how far back is the employment history, only the present and the previous employment. Details needed are: –
        Present Occupation and Previous Occupation
        Name of both Companies
        Addresses of both Companies
        Duration in both Companies

        In terms of qualification details: –
        To include: –
        Year of Study
        Qualifications Obtained
        School & Country of Study

  7. Thanks for the great information as above. I will do my renouncement tomorrow. Can you please answer my concerns as below?
    1) Once you make a payment, does you receive a receipt or collection slip with your name and prove that you have done the renouncement? What is the information stated in the collection slip or receipt? I need to get this slip or receipt to ICA to register my SC immediately due to time constraint.
    2) The birth cert must be laminated in actual size or A4 size? Mine is in the pocket folder (actual size) and not sure need to laminate or not. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nicole,
      My answer to you as below (best of my knowledge):
      1. Yes, I did receive a receipt and the collection slip. Unfortunately I have trashed my receipt, therefore I’m unable to provide you what information is stated on the receipt. You can’t bring this receipt to ICA as a proof of your renunciation. You will have to collect a letter from the high commission 3 days later (I assume you are Malaysian).

      2. Birth cert has to be laminated, not necessary in A4, just according to the birth cert size will do.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply and information. Hope I can have a smooth processing tomorrow. 🙂

  8. Hi Nicole,

    I am holding the receipt and collection slip in front of me. I am collecting the Letter tomorrow.

    The receipt of $10 being attestation fee. The collection slip has the date of collection plus an acknowledgement of docs that Malaysia High Commission has taken from you ie. identity card, passport etc.

  9. hi mou

    not late yet, i realised i could only go on thursday.

    thank you so much for your detailed reply on the Forms.

    appreciate your help very much.


  10. Hi echoong,

    Do you have any idea about the malaysia EPF that previously contributed? How to withdraw it?

    Thanks in advance.
    Kelly Law

  11. Dear echoong & mou

    Went to submit the renunciation this morning.
    If you hv all the forms ready, u will finished the submission in 10 to 15 minutes. Thank you very much for all your useful info.


  12. Hi echoong,

    May I know when should we go to renounce Malaysia citizenship? Is it after we completed the Singapore Citizenship Journey?
    Thanks in advance!


  13. Dear Echoong

    I have collected the renunciation letter from High Comm and will be going to ICA on Tuesday.
    Wish to check if we could apply for a Singapore passport immediately after the session?
    Are we allowed to travel after we receive our passport?

    Thank you very much again for the useful information on the renunciation part at M’sian High Comm.


    • Hi Fungyan,

      Yes, you may submit your passport application form on the same day you register your new citizenship at ICA. After a week or so you will be informed to collect your passport at ICA and travel out of Singapore using that passport.

  14. Hi Dear Echong,
    This Tuesday I will go MHC to renounce my Malaysian Citizenship. Now crack my head to fill up the Form K (download copy).
    May I know that the when I fill the form K – should I put “Malaysia” only or I need to put full place – example : “Ampang,Ipoh,Malaysia” on the place of birth and place of Msia I/C issue ?
    For the form Annex A – under iv)Profession – should I fill my employer’s name and address?

    • Hi sharon, you can just put Ipoh, Msia. For annex A, need not put employer and address. It’s good you dwnload the forms and fill in and make photocopies. It saves u a lot of trouble.

  15. Hi Echoong,

    Thank you very much for the highly comprehensive and detailed information.

    Would deeply appreciate it if you could kindly enlighten me on the following matters:

    (1) Do I need to produce my original Malaysian birth certificate when I apply for my new Singapore IC and passport at ICA? I understand that the original Malaysian birth certificate will be retained by the High Commission of Malaysia for renunciation purposes, but I do notice on ICA’s website that original birth certificate may be necessary for IC and passport applications.

    (2) Were you issued with a temporary Singapore IC after you have taken the oath at ICA? Were you issued the temporary IC on the same day? Or at a later date? Until we obtain our official pink IC during the citizenship ceremony, is this temporary IC valid for use in governmental matters and such?

    • Hi Jinsei,

      1) when registering the Singapore citizenship, you just need to produce letter of approval from Malaysian Embassy (attached with photocopy of Malaysian IC and birthcert).

      2) Yes, a temporary Pink IC will be issued to you on the same day, also you can submit passport application on the spot. it depends on when is the ceremony of your citizenship, it can be 2 to 4 months after the registration at ICA. The officer will punch a whole on your blue IC and return to you.

      • Hi Echoong,

        You have been most helpful, and I deeply appreciate your time and effort in providing the answers to my questions, very promptly and efficiently indeed.

        I’m sure that the people visiting this blog are all very thankful to you for the wonderful guidance. You made our day, and the whole process got a lot easier with your information.

        Once again, thank you so much for everything!

  16. Hi, thanks for the really informative post! However I have one question.

    Any idea how to check the issue date of our Malaysia IC? I have forgotten it. 😦

    • Hi Akiyu,

      Good to know that my blog post helped many of the SG new citizens like you. I could not recall there’s such information required in the K form but what I know is SG blue IC has ‘date of issue’ at the back of it. Sorry can’t help you on this.

      • Hi Fungyan,

        Yes you are right. No need to fill in. I left it blank and the officer did not ask me to fill it in. 🙂

    • Not sure if it is applicable for you, check your birth cert, there is a date where you supposedly hit 12 yrs old, and listed for mine is the date for IC application.
      But anyway, no need fill in date, for the place of issue of IC, i filled in WP Kuala Lumpur, but the Embassy stuff strike it off, and wrote “P Jaya”, i reckon it is Pesuruhan Jaya. Hope it helps.

      • Hi Tony,

        Issue date, as you mentioned, no need to fill in. I only got to know when I got there. As for the place of issue, the officer also strike it off for me and wrote “P Jaya” too. I guess it’s not a big issue. Lucky he didn’t ask me to refill the form. 😛

  17. hi everyone,
    I have just completed my process at ICA. Since it is still fresh in my mind, would like to share with everyone.

    When you arrive at ICA, go to Level 6, and scan your letter at the scanner kiosk near to counter 7 &8. Press register and scan your letter of approval from ICA. A ticket is issued and go to counter 25 to 28 and wait for your number to be called.

    You will submit your approval letter from ICA and also the renunciation letter given by M’sian High Comm. Remember to make a photocopy as you will need to submit the photocopy too. You also have to submit your 3 photos.

    Then you take a seat and you will be buzzed the same number to the next counter.
    Here, you will have your thumbprints taken, check your chinese name and some other details
    and make payment for your citizen cert & nric. Your blue NRIC will be punched a hole and returned to you. A temporary NRIC will be given to you. Passport application form will be given to you too.

    After that, you will wait for your turn to go into a Commissioner of Oath’s room to take your oath.
    After you have taken your oath, you may leave. You can fill in your passport form, paste your photo and drop the form in the collection box near to the scanner kiosk.

    Wish to share that it will be BEST to go earlier have your photos taken at ICA. As the photos are for your Pink IC, they will nedd good resolution and clear ones. So, it’s best to be taken at ICA, Level 1 as they specialised in them.

    Hope the above helps.

    Thank you echoong and everyone here who have helped us to go through the Renunciation easier and efficiently.

  18. Dear all,

    I am a minor (meaning I am a Singaporean Minor Citizen) by Registration. Is the processing for Renounciation same as you guys?

    Will I really be able to get the Renounciation Letter within 3 days? Does everyone really get it within 1 week?

    As I need to apply and get my Singapore Passport as soon as possible. As I have to apply for Student Visa overseas when I go there for my Exchange.

    Look forward to any replies and assistance.

    Cheers 🙂

  19. Hi echoong

    I went to submit my form at the small room at Malaysia High Coom today.
    They took my IC and Passport and Borang W (as well I remember correctly).

    Like to check with you will Borang W serves any use in future after I become Singaporean?

    Best Regards

  20. Hi echoong

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Borong W is the birth cert for Malaysian child who we born out of Malaysia.
    I have it and I got the Singapore birth cert as well.
    I assumed, you birth cert is the one issued by Malaysia govt right?

    Best Regards

    • Hi all, I was born outside Malaysia but hold a Malaysian passport but do not have the borang W. can anyone advise what I should do if i dont have it and if the borangW is required to renounce my citizenship? Thanks

  21. Hi EChong,

    Thanks for the helpful information provided..just to enquire, u mentioned we need to bring Singapore IC to Malaysia high com for renouncing of Malaysia citizen. Can i assume unrefer to Singapore PR IC?

  22. Hi Echoong,
    thanks for your in depth posting.I have a couple of questions if you can assist,
    1.On your original post, when i click K form or Annex A or Malaysian high commision etc, I am not directed to the correct site or forms?It comes up as NOT FOUND…?ANy clue here?
    2.I have searched far and wide, is there no such website as Malaysia High Commission in Singapore?Incredible that A high comm got to website.
    3.Failing which, how can I get a form K and Annex A?

    Help. Now u know why i want to leave 1 Malaysia ideology?

    • Hello q5quattro,

      Unfortunately the Malaysian High Comm website is currently down. Will inform you once the website is back to normal. You can also get the K form from Malaysian High Comm, Singapore.

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  24. Hi. echoong,
    Thanks for the great information provided.

    I was told that children below 15 yrs old do not required renouncing their citizenship but can do it when they reach 21 yrs old. Is this means that they can hold both Malaysia and Singapore Citizenship untill the age of 21 yrs ? Anyone can advise ?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi Echoong,

    I’ve one year old baby that would need to renounce her citizenship as well together with moth. Is she required to appear in Malaysia embassy for renouncing for both application and collection ?

    Thank you.
    Ah Long

  26. Hi all,
    I am going to renounce Malaysia citizenship soon, but I m still holding the Malaysia property. Anybody has the similar experience? Can I still proceed with the renouncing process?

  27. From October,for renunciation,do we still need to download both Borang K and A before we go to Hicom.will they give me borang K to bring home if no Singapore ICA letter?:-)

    • They will not give you the original Borang K if you do not have the ICA letter and other required documents.

      Download the Borang K and Annex A. Complete both. Make 2 photocopies of Annex A. Don’t bother duplicating the completed Borang K. It is just to show the officer in charge of the forms that you are able to complete the form. He’ll then give you 2 original Borang K to complete onsite.

  28. Just to share my experience, follow the above procedures. Its best to download the K form and Annex and fill up beforehand so that you don’t have to fight for space there. They will pass you another form for your education/work history so best be prepared. Once fill up the education/work form then they will pass you the original K form to fill. All the documents they request must be there, i went to ICA to get the approval letter because i lost my original copy. Its very fast and they are very efficient, after filling the K form it immediately my turn to submit the forms with originals, no time to even grab a seat. Only need to wait 5mins for payment. The room is quite packed though so be prepared to jostle for space to fill up forms if you didn’t fill up beforehand.

  29. I went to the High Comm yesterday. There were very few people. I was in and out of the place in less than 30 minutes.
    A few ‘tips’:
    1) Download the Annex A, complete it and make 2 photocopies of it
    2) Have all your documents ready with 2 photocopies of each document
    3) Have your sg citizenship approval letter ready to show the officer in charge of the forms. He will ask you if you have downloaded and completed the forms. If you did, show him. He’ll then hand you 2 original Borang K (yellow forms) along with the demographics information sheet (education/work history, etc) to complete
    5) If you have trouble completing Borang K (which is in Malay), there are references (English translation) on the notice board to help you.
    6) Once you completed the 2 Borang K, the officer will do the fingerprinting for you and assign a queue number. Just wait for your number to be called
    7) Dress appropriately and be nice. The officer in charge of the forms is generally a nice person. However, I heard him scold (yes, literally scold) a few people there for not completing the forms properly

    I submitted the forms and documents on Oct 4. The letter of intent to renounce is ready for collection on Oct 9.

      • I don’t think it’s negotiable. You can try… It’s best to coordinate your renunciation application, collection of the letter (3 business days later), and your sg citizenship registration.

  30. Hi Echoong,
    I had attended the Singapore Citizenship Ceremony on early June but till now haven’t receive letter from Malaysian High Comm requesting me to collect the K form. Any advise? Thanks

  31. Hi All, first of all thank you for all the great info on the renunciation procedures. Understand as part of the documents there is a need to submit the birth cert, however as I was born here in SG but holding on to MY passport and i/c – which are the only documents I have on hand. Is there a need to submit my SG birthcert to the MY HIGH COMM as part of the process? I’m a little worried about this.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  32. Hi,
    For the collection of Singapore passport, is the birth cert needed? May I know what is the procedures that will happen aft the ICA trip to swear in?

  33. Thanks echoong and all for the valuable guide & advise. Just done my renunciation on 11 Oct 2012.

    If you follow the instructions / tips furnished here, you are out of the consular hall in a jiffy.

    One point to note – the demographic form has a question on “why do you want to renounce” or something like that, so i had to think for a while for a politically correct answer.

  34. Hi all please note that you need to fill in Singapore address (not Malaysia). And in Borang K, IC obtained from P. JAYA (not your own city).
    Anyway there are instructions on the wall of consular hall.
    After you get the yellow Borang K forms, no need to queue again for thumbprint, just go back to the guy who gave you the yellow forms. Then he will give you a number.
    Annex A needs to be photocopied beforehand (x2).
    Good luck!

  35. I was told that children below 15 yrs old do not required renouncing their citizenship but can do it when they reach 21 yrs old. Is this means that they can hold both Malaysia and Singapore Citizenship untill the age of 21 yrs ? Anyone can advise ?
    This is the same question I want to know. tq

  36. Hi echoong

    Not sure if you have this experience. I have received the email from Malaysian High Comm on the collection of the Borang K & birth cert. However, I have not receive my Singapore NRIC and Singapore Citizenship Card. They have given me till 28 Nov to collect the documents.
    Do we go ICA to check on the SG NRIC & SG Citizenship? Am still holding the temporary SG NRIC.

    Would appreciate it very much if you could share your experience if you had this similar experience.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Fungyun,
      i am facing the same scenerio as you.

      i have contacted singapore ICA regarding this issue & have managed to get an answer to it. i will be collecting the certified copy in 2 weeks time 😀

      ICA contact number: 6391 6100

      after calling through, press through a few number to speak to the customer service people & they will arrange it for you.

      hope this helps :D!

      • Hi Mou

        Just a quick check with you. What is the email of malaysia high comm?
        I’m afraid my hotmail will filter it as junk.
        Also, how long it takes to receive the email from high comm from the day you took Oath at ICA?
        Best Regards


      • hi Mou, thanks for your reply. I have written to ICA, pending their reply. Ok, I will either call them or make a trip down. very worry all this will happen when i am away. Thank you so much.

  37. Went to Malaysian high comm for renunciation of citizenship few days back. Had all the documents ready but did not fill up the form as I do not understand Malay. The guy at MHC said that I could go to another block which was located at Indus street And the person will help us fill up the Form and check everything for us. Having thought that it was just behind MHC as directed by the security, went to look for it. And it is definitely not near at all if you do not go by car. Paid $35 for the service. 😦 Advise is to fill up everything and get all the documents ready or else an half an hr process might eventually become 1hr plus

      • Hi Echong and the rest, do you all mind to trade number? mine is 91477537. got some doubt in filling up the k form and annex. And also facing difficulty to post msg here. Hope any one here who can help, drop me msg so that i can ask for advice from you guys. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Gin,
      Would like to check with you, m i need to get the original K form from MHC then go down to find the fellow to help me fill up the form?
      And is there any1 can share a sample of completed borang K and annex here. Not sire how to fill the forms. Thanks in advance.

      • Hi Andrew,

        you can fill up the form K by yourself without approaching the fellow.

        i will message you regarding borong K.

  38. Hi EChoong,

    Good day to you. I had just collected my Renunciation letter. Just wonder stated in ICA application letter said to call at Counter 7/8 on the appointment date. Do I really need to make a call before go down or straight go to ICA on the appoinment date and time?

    Hear from you soon.

    Thank you


  39. Echoong and the rest, thank you so so much ! Now I can proceed with renunciation with more peace in mind and better sleep. Going to MHC on Monday, 19th Nov.

    Echoong, quick question: if I submit all doc on 19th Nov, do u think I have enough time to get SGP IC & Passport by 26th Dec ? Need to travel with family for holiday. Appreciate your reply soonest.

    Once again, fantastic info by ex-Malaysian new Singaporean.

    • Hi,
      Chances for u to travel by SG passport is very slim. So I would advise u not to renounce so soon and wait after your trip then go and renounce your citizenship. You will get your renunciation letter after 2/3 days and u would need to book registration date with ICA via their website, and on the registration day then u can submit passport application and u will only receive collection slip a week later.

    • Hi JJ,

      Sorry I read the date wrongly. If you are travelling on 26/12. You will definitely get your passport in time as I explained earlier, the whole process would only need 15 days the most.

      • Hi Echoong,
        No worries. I am collecting my letter tomorrow from embassy and heading ICA on 23.11.2012. Will submit IC and passport application on same day.

        Once again thank you so much for replying.

        Hmmm.. Just wonder if anyone know if there is some kind of FB group for all ex-Malaysian in Singapore.

  40. Hi EChoong,

    Any idea where can I download the K Form & Annex A? Those links provided here are no longer be in used.

    Many thanks.

  41. Finally, did my renounciation last Friday. Waiting for collection on coming Wed.

    Just to add on, for children below 21 yrs, they dont need to be present for the renounciation. Documents needed:

    1) Borang Penyerahan Pasport (3 sets per child)
    Can download from here –>
    2) letter of approval from ICA (x2 copies)
    3) Malaysia/Singapore birth cert (x2 copies)
    4) Borang W (x2 copies)
    5) Latest Malaysia passport (x2 copies)
    6) $5 processing fee

    No photos needed for children.

    • Dear Fungyan,

      I attended the citizenship ceremony last month (July 2012) and thought the following information will be useful to you:
      – A week after you Singapore Citizenship Ceremony, you will receive an email from Malaysian High Comm requesting you to collect the K form.
      – Collect it within a month of the email notification (original birth cert will be returned to you as well).
      – Before making a trip to ICA, photocopy the K form and bring along the original one on that day. No need to make appointment for this process.

      Hope the above helps.

      • Hi echoong thank u for taking time to reply. Thanks for the info. Mine is slightly different. Malaysia High Comm was very efficient that my borang k and birth cert was ready for collection before ceremony. So I hv collected them already. I just received letter about the ceremony which is next week. So I think I could return the borang k first before ceremony? I tried calling ica but to no avail.

        Thk you again for your useful info.


    • Dear Fungyan,
      I was hoping you can help me. I understood Echo Ong wrote that the citizenship ceremony is anytime 2-4 months after registration with ICA but I’m wondering how long did yours take? I’m trying to estimate mine.
      I have already received notification from MHC but no news yet on the citizenship ceremony.

  42. Dear enchoong and all,

    Thank you so much for the above info, wish me luck for tomorrow.

    I just found another website to download Borang K and ANNEX A:

    As the above URL provided not loading for some system.


  43. Hi All,
    I had registered my SG citizenship yesterday, get my temp IC liao.
    One thing to highlight to you guys. For IC photo, i think better go ICA 1st floor take. Yesterday i took at the 4th floor photo booth at ICA, the photos was rejected by the lady who do the registration for me. And she show me actually in our letter, they did stated down that must take photo at 1st floor. I saw most of the applicant photos who taken from outside, 4th or 5th floor were rejected by that lady.
    Hope this info help to those who havent take the IC photo yet.


  44. Hi All,

    i have few questions to ask :

    I have applied S’pore citizneship for myself and my child who is 16 mths old. She is now in Malaysia. My questions as follow :

    1. Do i really need to surrender her Malaysia’ birth cert and passport at Malaysia HICOM in S’pore ( my friend told me i only need to surrender my documents, nothing for my child as she can holds dual citizenship ).

    2. If i surrender her passport at Malaysia HICOM in Singapore, she will not have passport to travel in Singapore. Can she apply Singapore Passport in Malaysia’ consular office at Johor Bahru?

      • For those children below 21 yrs old, they are no need to renounce their Malaysian citizenseip, ie. no need to surrender their birth cert n passposrt to Malaysia High Comm in Sg. The children will hold dual citizenship ie Singapore & Malaysia until 21 years old. Once they reach 21 years old, they need to decide which citizenship they need to be renounced.

    • Hi, I guess nothing will happen to you until you want to sell your property. Just need to proof that you are still the same person after converting to Singaporean.

      • How does this affect by the new M’sia Property Purchase regulations on the
        min. purchase price of RM1Million for foreign ownership? I was told by my lawyer’s assistant don’t know how accurate that if one converted to foreign citizenship, you need to “TOP UP” the difference of your Property should the Purchase Price is below RM1million should you want to continue to own this property.

        Asking on behalf of my M’sian customer who is thinking of renouncing soon.

        Pls advise & hope to hear from you soonest.

        Many Thanks & Appreciate!

      • What I understand was when you purchased the MY property and you were Malaysian during that time, you are not obliged to top up once you become S’porean. Because the new citizenship process happened after you purchased the MY property. However if you sell the property within 5 years, you would pay higher capital gain tax as compared to other Malaysians because you already S’porean during the process. hope this helps.

  45. Just an update. I just completed my renunciation at High Com this morning (26th Dec 2012);
    – the consular door open sharp at 815 am. of course you can be there earlier and queue
    – total 3 copies of Annex A are required
    – for minor; photos are not required
    – total admin fees are SG$15. I supposed $10 for adult ad $5 for minor
    – be patient and careful with the form (no liquid paper / blanko). The guys there are quite helpful and i think most of us too eager to get things done and ‘kan-cheong’. Remember to thank them too…ha ha

    All the best for those going to embark on this journey.

    • Do I need to fill in the form for my daughter who is 16 months old now? Do I need to surrender her birth cert, passport etc to Malaysia HICOM ?

      • There is a form for minor renunciation. You need 3 copies. I supposed you mean SG birth cert? You do NOT surrender but they will take the photo copies. But they will take the passport. Hope this helps 🙂

  46. Hi Melvin,
    The submission must be done in the morning and collection of letter about 3 days later in the afternoon 2.30-3.30pm.

    I went there last week at about 8.15am and complete the submission at 8.45am. everything stays the same.

    • Thx ! I have received my renunciation letter! Just waiting for my birthcert to be out. Real good website to recommend for Malaysian renuaciation.

    • Dear all, would like to check with you guys. I had received an email from MHC to inform that i can go down to collect my original K form & birth cert but need to have a photocopy of my SG passport, SG IC and Citizenship cert. I am still holding the temp SG IC and dont hv my citizenship cert too, so i need to call ICA to get certified true copy of these 2 documents rite? My friend told me last time she call ICA to ask for it and the next day an ICA officer call her and told her that she can go down to collect the certified true copy of both docs on next day liao. But i call ICA on last Friday (11.01.2013) to ask for the certified true copy docs and expecting them give me a call back for collection on Monday (14.01.2013) but no news from them, so i decided to call again to ask for it but another rude lady answer my call and say that if i call on lasrt friday, then i can only go down to collect it 2 wks later and no one will call and inform me for collect, I just want to know, is that true?? 2 wks later means 25.01.2013. If lets say my k form and birth cert collection date is earlier than that, then how? Any 1 here collecting their certified true copy of the SG IC and citizenship cert by informing thru the ICA officer or just down to collect 2 wks later? Thanks.

      • Hi Andrew
        How is the status now?
        I wrote in to ICA to ask for my certified copies but no reply from them so far since Jan 14. I’m sorry I don’t have answers but questions instead, for the collection of the certified copies, can we ask someone else to collect on our behalf? I’m away at the moment.

      • Hi Kate, when i call the 3rd time and another lady telling me the same thing, i can only collect it on 25th since i call in to request for it on 11th, there is 2 wks time for them to prepare. So meaning the procedure is changed and they fix it to 2 wks times for the certified copy preparation. However, i did request for early collection and i am able to collect it on this Saturday. You may try your luck to request them. May be you can say you need to go oversea on that collection period or what lor. For collection of the certified copy on behalf, er…. i have no idea on this leh but the K Form and birthcert can collect on behalf but must provide certain docs as stated in the email from MHC. May b you can call ICA to ask. I did email ICA to ask abt my certified copy also 2 days ago but no reply from them, so i call again yesterday to ask for early collection with my own reasoon lor…..

      • Hi Andrew
        Thank you for your reply 🙂
        You called them at 6391 6100?
        ICA has proved to be rather inefficient recently, I have had better memories of them. While applying for my Sg passport, there were no results and I called them many times to check but always getting no reply on the phone for some reasons. I think they ask me to call back another time.
        Anyway, in the end, the actually lost my passport application form, I have to go down, check through 3 different counters before realizing the application is gone and apply all over again. I had a slightly earlier collection date than 1 week.

      • For my case, I renounced my Malaysia citizenship and submit my original birth cert on 21.11.2012, then I received an email from MHC on 11.01.2013 for my birth cert and original form K collection. I collect it on 21.01.2013 and submit the photocopy of form K to ICA on the same day. And I had received letter from ICA today (14.02.2013) to inform me that my citizenship ceremony will be on 10.03.2013.

  47. i read some stated that minor do not need to renounce their citizenship till they are 21. But do bear in mind that if your kids hold dual citizenship meaning they need to serve NS in Malaysia ( not everyone though – pick by a ‘lucky’ draw) and also NS in Singapore (for boy). So what do you think?

  48. I have just received my Form K and Birth Cert from M’sia High Comm
    I read on this post, we need to photocopy Form K & bring Original Form K to ICA

    May I know how many copies do we need to photocopy?
    Because I tried to call ICA umpteen times, line just couldn’t get through

    After submitting the Photocopied Form K, there’s nothing else already am I right? Other than the Citizenship Ceremony (because ICA just provide me with the certified copy of the citizenship cert & Spore IC, for the collection of Form K & Birth Cert from M’sia High Comm)

    • Hi All,
      I had completed my application and submitted all my docs too. Also get my original form K and birth cert. Now waitiing for the Citizenship ceremony only. For the Original form K, you got to make a photocopy and submit to ICA and do remember bring along the original 1 to show the officer also. No appointment needed for this submission. You just need to go ICA, 6th floor, no need to Q and just walk to the officer who make the IC registration for you (the lady who say your IC photo not clear, not right or blar blar blar that 1), and then just tell her that you are submiting your Form K, thats all. She may ask you to write your contact number and date on the photocopy form K if i am not wrong.

  49. Dear all,
    want to ask about the birth cert.. my friend told me that its has to be in good condition (no tear), else would need to get a new copy of birth cert..any idea on this? else its really troublesome to travel to msia to get a new copy.. thanks to advise

  50. Do I need to close all my bank accounts and insurance policy in Malaysia before renouncing my citizenship? If not how to claim my money in future?

  51. hello
    anyone can share what happen to all your asset in malaysia after that?
    1. property
    2. bank account (this one not so critical, can close anyitme)
    3. EPF
    4. insurance policy

    Thanks a lot.

  52. Dear All

    I’m attending the community sharing on 24 Feb and am travelling to jp in mid May. Can anyone advise me whether I can get my sg passport on time for the trip? Must I wait till the ceremony is over to travel with the sg passport?

    Thanks in advance!

  53. Hi All,
    Thanks for the sharing and especially to echoong who created this blog. I have collected my K Form and return it to the ICA. Finally it is a done deal, and now only waiting for the ceremony to collect my pink IC and certificate of citizenship. 🙂 Thanks again and I wish those who yet to reach this stage a smooth journey ahead 🙂 Cheers

  54. Hi,
    To answer Daniel’s questions:
    1. Property- you need to submit your new S’pore IC to the Legal Firm that handling your property for updating your new particulars. You will be subjected to 5% tax once you sell your property after converting your citizenship.
    2. Bank account – you need to update the bank of your new particulars. Closing of bank account is not necessary.
    3. EPF – you shall proceed to EPF office with your renounce letter and new S’pore IC. They will process your EPF withdrawal approx. 3 months.
    4. Insurance policy – you may check with insurance company. Different company may have different protocol.

    Hope this will clarify.

  55. Hi , do I have to collect the renunciation letter straight after 3 working days ? I have got to work and not in time to even go down.
    No due date when to collect ??

  56. Hi,

    Thanks to the information here, I have completed my renunciation smootly & currently waiting for the ceremony to collect my pink IC.
    May I know what if it happens that the ceremony falls on the date I’m travelling & not in Singapore, how can we collect the pink IC & certificate of citizenship?


  57. Hi all,

    May I ask, how do we update our new citizenship status with IRAS, Town council, MOE(for the children), etc ? Do we need to wait until after the ceremony to collect pink IC & Citizen cert?
    Appreciate if someone could advise, thanks a lot

  58. Hi, is it possible if i collect my renounciation letter from the malaysia embassy on a later date then the one stated on the receipt?

  59. To all those who r unable to collect ur ic n citizenship certificate before the collection date for ur k form and birth certificate, pls go to the information counter to request for a certified copy of ur ic n certificate after u attend the oath and allegiance ceremony, as it takes 2 wks to be able to collect the certified copy onli after u request from ica. Also if u need to extemd the collection date of ur k form n birth certificate, u just need to reply to the email which the malaysia high commission sent n tell them ur situation wif ur particulars.

  60. Dear all,
    I had just received the Approval letters from ICA for all my family members and need to renounce our Malaysian citizhenship at high comm. Can someone advise 1) my children (below 8 years old) need to renounce and surrender their passport to high comm? 2) if my children need to renounce, do they need to be present at high comm?


  61. hi, can anyone provide more info on kids renounce? Should i need to bring them along during the renounce? and during the register of citizenship and passport application, kids need to go along?

    • Hi Kathy
      No need to bring kids to renounce at Msia High Comm. For registration & passport application in ICA, bring them along

      • Hi guys,

        I understood kid do not need to renounce their Msia citizenship.

        So I presume we do not even need to reveal this information to Malaysia authority when we adults renounce our Malaysian citizenship. Correct? Any implication if we don’t declare? Or should we declare? Any problem renouncing on his own later?

        Any1 to share your experience and consideration on this aspect on kid ‘s renunciation matter.

        I understood that a friend was asked by Malaysia Consular to submit kid’s birth cert and passport. Not being aware of his right to retain dual citizenship for kid, he renounced his child too.

        I actually got paranoid in reading an incident when a boy became stateless due to hiccups. The boy served NS and decided to renounce his Msian citizenship when he turned 21 but failed to do so as he was unable to produce his mum Malaysia IC. His mum converted to Sg Citizen and did not keep any document. Thus, Sg also took away his SG citizen due to his failure to renounce Msia. He became stateless.

        Appreciate if you guys can help. Thanks a million.

  62. I think this is one of the most significant
    info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is perfect,
    the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  63. Hi all, just got my approval today after 5 months’ wait.Just me and 2 kids, wife not applying..
    Would like to get some advices from you who have gone through this process.
    1) I understand that kids do not need to surrender Malaysia citizenship, need not to go down Malaysia High Comm (MHC)
    , will continue to hold Malaysia passport when they turn 21 years old, renew it again if expires (if they choose to as they will
    also hold S’pore passport as well ). Or MHC will take back their Malaysia passports since they will be holding
    S’pore passport also ? Is my questions make any sense ? If not care to share please ?

    2) If my kids do not have to go down MHC, for the least, they have to appear themselves physically first time
    during the “Citizenship Registration” together with me ? Am i right ? I would presume that kids can apply S’pore passports the same time as me ?
    Thanks .

  64. Thanks again everyone for contributing to this very useful blog…..
    Can anyone share with me how long we need to wait to get the real pink IC? I have been holding on to the piece of paper since Jan..
    Thank you.

  65. Will be getting a temporary pink ic. I would like to know is this temporary pink ic as good as receiving the official ones? I need the ic to apply for the hdb EC. Appreciate if anyone can enlighten me.

  66. Hi there Thanks for the information. My niece is a Malaysian/Singapore PR, 19 years old and got offered Sg citizenship. Does she have to renounce her Malaysian citizenship now at 19 or wait till 21? Her parents are still Malaysian. I can’t seem to find anything on this. Thanks so much!

      • Thanks for the reply and information.

        I submitted my documents this morning and I notice the followings:
        • K form – Two original copies (yellow colour) are to be completed
        • Annex A – I was told to make 2 extra photocopied of the “Annex A” or “Additional Information”. I can’t remember which one so it is good to make extra copies for “Annex A” or “Additional Information”
        • One lady told me they only accept black colour ink to complete the form. She has to re-do the form since she used blue coloured pen

        One tip – one lady reached there extremely early and staff from the passport section handed her the original yellow form K form for her to complete, even before the Consular opens at 815am. I approached the same staff but she refused to give me the same original yellow form K.

        My best of luck wishes to those who intend to submit their form.

  67. Hi, I got few queries need a help from your guys

    1. Should I get appt with MHC before I go down to renounce my citizenship
    2. If I renounce on 22/7/13 will it means I can get the renunciation letter on 24/7/13 or 25/7/13
    3. My kids was born in Malaysia. Understand they no need to surrender their citizenship but should I submit the minor renunciation form? If yes what are the document should I bring along?
    4. If they need me to submit my kids passport will them return the passport for my kids on the same day?

    Hope someone got the similar case or experience can give me some advise

    Thank you

  68. Thanks Evelyn. one more question. Can I ask ICA to issue the passport early then 1 week time?
    the 1 week time means 7 working days?

    • (ICA to issue the passport early then 1 week time? )
      Do you mean after you got back your k form after all the process done at MHC?

  69. Where do we get that signed after obtaining the original form k? I’m in Australia now and looking at going back to kl to get things finalised.

  70. Hi,

    Just to confirm, we can go the to MHC to renounce in the morning, then wait 3 days to collect the letter. On the same day of collection, go to ICA to submit the letter. And we are able to apply for SG IC and Passport.

    Between this date of submission of application of SG passport to the day of issue of passport (1 week), we cannot go overseas we there is no passport, right?
    After we get our passport 1 week later, we are able to go overseas right?

    The SG Pink IC, certificate of citizenships all that will not be given so soon?

    Thank you.

    • Sophia, i think you have answered most of the questions 🙂
      you’re right! w/o a passport (while waiting for your sg passport to be issued to you), you can’t leave SG.
      you’re right! once you received your SG passport, you may go overseas.
      you’re right! citizenship cert & pink ic will not be given out so soon.

  71. Hi,

    May I know, after completing the e-learning, community sharing and tour, how long does it take to receive the official approval letter?

    Thank you.

  72. So I’ve been a Singaporean Citizen for more than a year now (passport issued Apr ’12), when suddenly ICA asks me to submit Form K.

    What gives? Shouldn’t I already have submitted Form K in order to have gone through the whole citizenship process?

    • minasmogul, you got to submit the K form to ICA once you received an email notification from Malaysian High Comm, asking you to collect the K form and birth-cert.

  73. Hi all, Thank you for contributing to this very useful blog. I have read through all the information and procedures for renounce your M’sia Citizenship at MHC and registration of Singapore Citizenship at ICA. Now I have a better guidelines of the apply procedures. The only thing is the MHC website is always down. ;( can’t download K form and Annex A form and also I need to change the appointment date (22 Aug 13) with ICA as I just received the approved letter yesterday.

    Once again, thank you so much to the creator of this blog echoong.

    • Thanks for all the information. I just recevied my approval letter from ICA today as well. Have no idea why the timeline is so short. My date with ICA is on 28th August, so a little better than you, ww. Was planning to rush to MHC to get it done today until I read this blog and visited the MHC website. It will be mere impossible to find a place to laminate my BC so last minute. So it is a real relief to know that in most cases it takes 3 working days and maximum a week to get the letter from MHC

  74. Hi I have got my Temp IC during the oath on 29th May 2013, and was told by ICA officer to submit one document that i will receive from High Commission Malaysia in Aug. ICA Officer asked to submit on end Aug, Till now, i have yet to receive any letter. Is the letter referring to Form K or? and i have yet to know my Ceremony Date.

    Can anyone help me because it’s almost 31st Aug. I’ve no ideas what should i do.

  75. I have completed my SG Journey on 31 July. But I still havent receive the approval letter from ICA. Almost 3 weeks.. Is it normal? or the letter lost in transition? Thank you!

  76. Sam
    on October 3, 2013 at 5:50 am said:
    Hi guys,

    I understood kid do not need to renounce their Msia citizenship.

    So I presume we do not even need to reveal this information to Malaysia authority when we adults renounce our Malaysian citizenship. Correct? Any implication if we don’t declare? Or should we declare? Any problem renouncing on his own later?

    Any1 to share your experience and consideration on this aspect on kid ‘s renunciation matter.

    I understood that a friend was asked by Malaysia Consular to submit kid’s birth cert and passport. Not being aware of his right to retain dual citizenship for kid, he renounced his child too.

    I actually got paranoid in reading an incident when a boy became stateless due to hiccups. The boy served NS and decided to renounce his Msian citizenship when he turned 21 but failed to do so as he was unable to produce his mum Malaysia IC. His mum converted to Sg Citizen and did not keep any document. Thus, Sg also took away his SG citizen due to his failure to renounce Msia . Now he gotta travel to and from Singapore and Makaysia, 30 days each. ( )

    Appreciate if you guys can help. Need the advice soon. Thanks a million.

  77. Hi Guys,
    My son is a singaporean and born here in singapore.I am presently applying for a singapore citizenship and in the process of completing the singapore journey.The question is does my son need to renounce his Malaysia citizenship also as he is currently holding a copy of the registered birth cert from Malaysia which in the past any children born by a Malaysian parents have to registered their child birth in Malaysia also.My son is currently in NS.

    • Hi I am in doubt that your on is Singaporean, unless he is holding a Singapore passport or pink IC now. 🙂 If you say he is Singaporean than why he need to announce Malaysia citizenship??

      • Hi All
        Sorry to confused u guys ,actually my son is only holding a malaysia registered birth cert as required by law for any one parents which is a Malaysian and must be registered in Malaysia in the past.My son is actually born in Singapore and is a Singaporean holding pink I/C and passport.AS for my wife she is also a Singaporean.I am just confused as what to do with my son Malaysia registered birth cert as it actually allowed him to be a Malaysian citizen which end up having dual citizenship right?Should I just ignored this problem.

  78. Hi all,i wanna know,my daughter is 3 yrs + now…do i need to submit her IC ,passport , birth cert to HICOM?should i submit the Borang penyerahan passport too??

  79. Hi all

    Anyone renounced the IC, Passport & birth certificate to HICOM recently? I plan to renounce on 21 Oct (Mon). Am I able to collect the letter on 23 Oct (Wed) afternoon – 3 working days? I have an appointment with ICA on 24 Oct (Thursday) 12pm. Please advise.

    Thank you,

      • Thank you, Andrew. If I late for the ICA appointment (after collect the letter from HICOM then rush to ICA), will they not accepted my appointment? Anyone come across this matter? I will travel on 2 Nov, so hope that the Singapore passport will receive before that.

      • hi CC,ur appointment is on 24.10 12pm but u can only collect ur letter at MHC after 2.30pm,I think the timing was too far off leh…. don’t think u can attend ur appointment leh…..anyway,u may need to check with ica at 63916100…cheers

  80. Hi is there any sample of the borang k n annex A for us to refer so that we know how to fill in as I am not really understand what the meaning of the form. especially the borang k.

  81. Hi I will be going to mHC to renounce my Malaysian citizenship tomorrow but not sure how to fill in the form, who can share with me how to fill ( not understand Malay)

  82. Hi,

    It has been almost a month since I got my renounciation done. I had the ceremony when I was young around primary six. But I still havent got back my borang k. It there something wrong somewhere.. should I call to check with high commission of malaysia or singapore ica.

  83. hi everyone
    the high comm had been very busy in the last few years handling renouncement applications. I am doing mine tomorrow. anyone can advise how long did the process takes? if it is less than an hour, I don’t have to take leave.

    • I went there early at around 730am and the Consular only opens at 815am. You would still need to fill up the original Borang K form (2 set) and make sure you have black pen. Also, make sure you have photocopied all the necessary documents. I left the embassy at around 9am.

  84. why need to give ICA a copy of form K? It has been 11 months, i have not yet attended the Ceremony. Is the form K returned to us after the ceremony or before?

    • Ivy, You may check with ICA why need to give a copy of K form to them. According to the feedback provided by the community, they normally received K form after the citizenship ceremony, however some people received before the ceremony.

      • I renounced on 21 nov and received email from mhc to inform for k form collection around 10 jan. I collect it around 17 or 24 jan and on the same day submit a photocopy k form to ica. Then I received a mail sent from ica in early feb to inform tat my Ceremony is on 10 march.

  85. I just went today to do my renunciation at Malaysia High Commission. I was there at around 0730hr and the proceed to queue at the Consular Section. The Consular only opens at 815am.Once the door open, an Indian lady will ask everyone to queue and show her the necessary documents. I had to redo mine because all documents need to be filled up with BLACK ink pen. No blue, no dark blue. BLACK. Ensure that all documents are photocopied accordingly. Then she will only give the 2 set of original Borang K. Now, this is the “hard” part. If you fill in wrongly in the original Borang K, she is NOT going to give you another new copy. No pleading will move her. Just continue to fill up even if it is wrong. I, unfortunately, wrote wrongly on the “DOB”section on one of the form. I cannot even strike off and wrote the correct details. Just let it be and then proceed to the counter to do the renunciation. So, I am crossing my fingers and praying damn hard that nothing will happen. I am going back there on the 24 Oct to collect my renunciation paper.

  86. Hi guys,

    Am i right to say that my wife and child became Singaporean on the day my wife took the oath? Or I have to wait till they get certificate of citizenship?

    Must i inform MOE separately regarding my child’s Sg citizenship to enjoy the citizenship rate for school fee and other benefit? Is there any other thing I need to do?

    Thanks. 🙂

      • Hi Jamie,

        Both Parent and child will become citizen on the day of oath taking. Parent is issued with temporary IC. The ceremony of receiving IC/ citizen Certificate is only a formality.

        I was told that the MOE system will be updated automatically and the fees will be changed accordingly. I did not do any changes to the Giro arrangment.

        For me, I still proceed to inform the child’s school about the change of citizenship and provide them the certified citizenship certificate and subsequently the original certificate many mths later.

        Hope the info helps.


      • Hi Sam,

        How do you get the certified citizenship certificate? When do you get it? Can you get it after the day of oath taking?
        MOE system will be updated automatically on the day of oath taking?

        Sorry for asking so many question. And thanks for your patience to answer my question.


  87. Dear all
    I just went today to do my renunciation at Malaysia High Commission.
    Annex A no longer in used.replace by MY- RN1. you need to fill in single copy photocopy needed. ( Annex A 不再使用是千真万确的事,而且无须交回 Expire, Malaysian Restricted Passport )

  88. Thanks eveyrone for the great sharing.
    I have some questions below on the MY-RN1 form (on point 3-returning of documents table);
    1. Where can I find the ‘Date of Issue’ for Malaysia IC?
    2. ‘Place of Issue’ – are they referring to Town/State/Country? Sould i state Kluang/Johor/Malaysia? ( I doubt I can fit in everything in that small space)
    3. My International PP was issued at Malaysia High Comm,Singapore. What should i put?

    • Hi Johnson,
      1. If can’t find date of issue on the IC. Just put in a date of your 12 years old birthday 😉 they can’t validate either :p
      2. Town will do.
      3. There’s a place of issue indicated on the passport photo page.

      • This is not true as at 20/6/2014.

        I followed your advice to put my 12 years old birthday and place of issue to my home town, the officer ask me to
        1. remove the Date of Issue for my IC (meaning leave it blank / do not fill anything)
        2. place of issue has to be “P. JAYA” or “P JAYA” or “PETALING JAYA”. His explanation is that all the IC are issued at Petaling Jaya.

  89. What is this “Letter of Renunciation” that I need to bring to ICA? The only documents that I collected back 3 days after submitting the renunciation forms are:
    1. the receipt,
    2. one MY-RN1 form that is stamped and signed by the Consular Officer, and
    3. one photocopy of Malaysian Birth Certificate that is also stamped and signed by the Consular Officer.

    Is the “Letter of Renunciation” document 2?

    • Hi of course you still can withdraw money from the bank but remember you need to update the particulars in the bank account. As you do not hold any Malaysia IC after the citizenship change, and some bank transaction may require you to produce your IC as proof of identity. For my case, i updated using SG passport no.

  90. This blog is fantastic! Thank you, Echo Ong!

    I went to renounce my citizenship this morning. Arrived the hall at 815, queue for documents verification (15 minutes) and settle everything in total of 20 minutes time! I think the tips given by the former Malaysians here help me a lot!

    Echo may want to highlight this on the front page to avoid future confusion especially that ANNEX A had been replaced by Form MY-RN1 and there is an additional form that we need to fill in and submit together with Form K & Form MY-RN1, the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” form can be downloaded at the URL below:

    More information can be found at High Commission of Malaysia website:

    Hope my information above helps.

    • One more point about the Form MY-RN1, we are no longer need to make any photocopy of it. Only ONE original MY-RN1 will do.

      In total, we need to equipped ourselves with the pre-filled:
      1 x Form K (download from website)
      1 x Form MY-RN1 (download from website)
      1 x Form “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” (download from website)


      2 x Form K (Original Official Yellow form to be filled after your pre-filled Form K is being verified)

      • Great work, Echo!

        Just one comment on your procedure above:
        4. Fill up the first set of forms and get the Annex A photocopied at the other hall.

        I believe this step is no longer valid.

        Just need to pre-filled form K, MY-RN, and Additional Information. Then, fill in 2x official Form K and that’s it.

    • You can make a photocopy of of whatever documents that you think is useful in the future. But so far, I have not heard of any authority from either MY or SG that need me to produce such evidence.

  91. Hi, I need some advise from you all.. how about the property in Malaysia? shall I change the owner name before or after renunciation as Malaysian?

  92. Hi, I just received a mail from Malaysia High Comm asking me to go down to collect the form K and birth cert. However I have attend the Citizenship Ceremony yet, therefore I do not have the Citizenship Certificate. Saw from the ICA website we can request for the letter of “Confirmation of Citizenship Status” and it can be collected on the same day.
    Is that correct??

    • Hi Janice, to collect your form k and birth certificate, u may need to call ICA to request them for a certified true copy of ur sg ic and/or the sg citizenship cert if I m not wrong.Andthen u can only collect the certified true copy doc from ica 1 wk later. With these certified true copy docs, then u can go mhc to collect ur form k and birthcert. Do remember, after u collect ur form k and birthcert, make a set of photocopy of the form k and submit to ica (6th floor, the counter tat u make ur sg ic). Any here pls correct me if I had miss out something or something goes wrong.

      • Hi Andrew thanks for the reply! Yea I called up ICA last week requesting the certified true copy. The only thing is that have to ask them confirm your name and IC number through the phone. At first they asked for IC no. and I asked them to confirm my name (to make sure they dont prepare the docs for the wrong person). they say no need, Lol.
        I called them on 04-Dec and they told me the earliest to collect is 17-Dec.

      • Hi,

        I read in a later post in this blog of someone who just went up to Level 6, ICA, to ask for the Certified True Copies. Is that possible and would they just get the docs on the spot? Thanks!!

      • Hi Vy,

        Have you attended the Citizenship Ceremony?? I renounced the citizenship in Aug 2013, but till now haven’t get the notice to collect IC…

  93. Hi, I’m not very sure what the “Letter of Approval from ICA” is? Is it the letter mailed to us to take the Oath? Thanks a lot.

  94. First of all, thanks to echoong for created this wonderful site and information/ Guideline! for all!… Would like to contribute too and add-on part-II of the process (from the appointment date to obtaining your IC collection slip/ temp IC).

    Important note:
    * Recommended to take your photo at level 1 of ICA building. If not, do inform the photographer that the photo is for NRIC. (Wear darker shirt/ top)
    * On the date of appointment. Scan the bar-code (on letter issued by ICA) at the auto-Q no. issuing machine to obtain your Q no. The system is being pre-programed to recognise the application is individual or bundle ( 2 or 3 applicants). Only 1 ticket will be issued. (No need to go to the counter 7/ 8).
    * Wait for your no. to be called. Follow the process and your are expecting to meet 3 different officers.

    Hope this helps!

    Once again! thanks to all for updating the site and providing accurate information for all!

  95. Dear EcChoong,

    Thank for your fantastic website and information,

    I just obtain the approval letter from ICA, just a question, do the minor need to be present in the Malaysia High com? can present on behalf of them for the announcement?

    Hope to get your advise soon.

    Thank you

    • Hi YP,
      Do you know whether minor need to be present in Malaysia high com? my baby is 4 months old, can we present on behalf? thanks

      • Hi DH,

        Baby non need to be there, as child below 21 can hold duel citizenship (meaning Singapore and Malaysia) and child is only require to decide the citizenship when they at 21.

        hope this clear your doubt.


      • Hi YP,
        So is that means that the child we have 2 passport as well? do we need to report to Malaysia embassy that he has dual citizenship?

      • HI DH,

        Yes, child below 21 can hold both passport and they only require to renounce they citizenship when reach 21. My children currently holding both passport.


    • Hi YP,
      so when he travel to Malaysia, which passport should he use? Malaysia or Singapore passport?
      I went to Malaysia embassy yesterday, the person that I talked to say my child can’t have 2 passports (think he is new and not sure what he is talking =( . I’m afraid I will have problem when we enter Malaysia. Thanks a lot =)

      • Hi DH,

        We used only Singapore passport even thought their have two passport. As the ICA strongly encourage to use Singapore passport when you out of Singapore.

        And when the Malaysia passport is expired…. we will not renew the Malaysia passport.. as too expensive 🙂


  96. Thanks EChoong!! just submitted mine, easy and smooth
    just like to advice other that do bring your own black pen and if can bring a hardcover book or something so u don’t have to flight for space and pen for filling forms, and ya relax so you won’t fill wrongly like many others while i submitting and remenber to use black pen and write in CAPITAL!

  97. Hi All
    I’ve received pink acknowledgement slip to collect my SG passport. 1 of the documents required as per stated is 3. DECLINEDC. Can anyone advise what is that?

  98. Hi I am wondering how would the minor renounce their citizenship at the age of 21? Since they have already submitted their passport and identification card.. Thanks in advance for help!

    • It will be the 4th day from the date of your submission.

      If you submit on 1st of the month (Mon), you can collect it on 4th of the month (Wed).

      • Sorry.
        It will be the 4th day from the date of your submission.

        If you submit on 1st of the month (Mon), you can collect it on 4th of the month (Thurs)*******.

  99. Hi echoong,
    I received sg citizhenship approved letter today. I will go to Msia High Comm soon. My qtn is, usually we attach a copy of re-entry permit in our Msia passport when we are Sg PR. Do we need to take out this piece of paper when we submit the Msia passport to MHC?

  100. Hi

    Anyone can advise the name that shown in the email from Msia High Comms?
    I am waiting for their email to collect the K Form and Birth Cert.
    I afraid I miss or accidentally delete the mail


  101. Hi

    I will like to know the name of msia high Comms that shown in the email.
    I am waiting for collection of the K forma and birth cert


    • Thanks for the reply

      Should I expect to get the Singapore Citizenship Cert before collecting the K Form and birth cert? ICA told me I supposed to receive email from High Comm and pass to ICA by 31st jan and now I have yet to receive any email from High Comm


      • If you read above, you should get the answer. You can get certified document from ica if you do not have the original.

        Meanwhile you should check the document given by MHC when u applied for renunciation at MHC. It stated the date you will receive the notification. For mine, it stated by end of Jan 2014. Call MHC if it exceeded the date.

        The email from MHC will tell you required document and procedure.

      • If you are concerned, you may call ICA to inform them your situation and ask to extend the due date. I cannot recall there is such due date given by ica. Off course we must submit to ica upon receiving k form from MHC.

        Not to worry. Everything will be just fine.

      • Yes, they do gv a due date. But if I m not wrong, I think ICA did told that if we haven’t get the K form and due date is coming, we need to call ica to extend the due date.

      • Thanks Andrew.
        I am not aware.It could be verbal. Just collected the k form this week and will submit by tmr

      • Tml is Friday, they all go sembahyang…..hahaha… Just joking.
        By the way, don’t forget to make photocopy of the k form. Level 6, no Q ticket required, just walk to the counter who do the ic registration, and tell the officer that ” Lim Peh Andrew” ask me come to submit the K form. Thats all. Lol

  102. Not very relevant but just want to ask how can I convert my Malaysia driving license to Singapore license? Do I still need to get a letter from JPJ like the usual procedures or there is a better way to do it, since I am a Singaporean now.


  103. Hi echo,
    Anything to share & note when taking the Oath of Renunciation at ICA?

    The notice given by ICA before the appointment is quite short… today i received the letter, and appointment for registration is on 27 Feb. Is this the usual case?

  104. Thanks for the useful informations. I went there today and settled everything smoothly.

    Please be prepare S$7.70 exact amount for the payment as well.
    Else you can to get small change from the photocopy officer.

  105. This blog is great! Thanks for the useful information.

    I would like to ask, for the BORANG K form, under the 2 witness part, do i have to get malaysian citizens or singapore citizens? also if its malaysian citizens, can i get my parents or people unrelated to me?

    Also under MY-RN1, it states “malaysian citizenship certificate” inside the box. May I know what this is? cause i dont think i have anything other than my birth cert and IC

    thanks for the help.

  106. Hi, just want to add, I went to High Comm today to renounce, the ‘ADDITIONAL INFORMATION’ form is not needed and the fee now is $7.70 exact amount, prepare exact change.

  107. Hi, I’ve just renounced my malaysian citizenship this morning and they issued me a collection slip. I shall return next Wednesday to collect the K Form.
    AFter, I need to visit ICA to do my Singapore citizenship registration. According to my colleague, once the registration finished, they will then issue me a slip which is so called temporary IC.
    Wondering could I use the temporary IC to do the purchasing of the HDB flats??

    FYI, most ppl who are not sure about the place of issue of your Malaysian IC. Just fill in PETALING JAYA. And the date shall leave it blank.
    And there’s no need to fill up the Malaysian Citizenship Certificate column.
    And prepare S$7.70 for the payment.
    Besides, on the second page of the K form, simply just fill in your name in Cap letter ( after ibu jari) and your current address after (iaitu dari alamat).
    And it’s a headache to find parking around that area. I managed to find a HDB car park very near to the high comm which located next to the canal, Delta Ave, it’s an open car park.

  108. Hi, does anyone have asked someone else to collect the letter on your behalf? I have checked with the lady when I submit, she said can but must produce authorization letter. Anyone have the format? On top of the letter, must we provide original IC or photocopy of IC when collection by someone else?

      • Hi I plan to go renounce my Malaysia citizen on 27 May . Do you think 30 May I can get the letter .
        Then 2 June I going to sg registration at ica . As I need to travel on 14 June .
        From the experience do your think is possible ?

      • Hi Chua,
        If everything goes smoothly and u have secured the appointment with ICA, I don’t see any problems for u to obtain a sg ppt by 14 june.

  109. HI all,

    After read through all the posting, I still have some confusion below.

    Some PP said “There is no need renunciation for kid”
    means my kids dont need to go HC? but still need to submit the minor renunciation form for kids?
    If yes, my kid will need to return they passport right?
    And my kids need to do another renunciation when they reached 21 years old?

    or no, they totally dont have to submit any form and notify HC?

    Appreciate someone can advise me.

    • Hi Wong,

      For kids under 21 years, they can hold duel citizenship, both Singapore and Malaysia. they can hold both passport too.

      Only to renounce when they reach 21 years old. the date will stated on the your kids citizen certificate.

      Hope the above clear your doubt.

      Good Luck

      • Hi YP,

        Thank you for your replied. My confusion here are:
        Singapore allow Minor citizen but I not sure if Malaysia allow too?
        So what is the Minor renunciation form ( From Malaysia )for?
        So, when you say ” Only to renounce when they reach 21 years old. the date will stated on the your kids citizen certificate” Means we dont have to submit this “Minor renunciation form to Malaysia HC ?

        Appreciate your advice.

      • Hi Laowong,

        Don’t take it so complicated, in any citizenship for child below 21 year old is allow to hold double citizenship. So your kids is allow to hold both citizenship till they reach 21.

        The date of Singapore citizen certificate, is to remind you that the child need to make the decision to choose what citizen they want to be… If child decide want to be Malaysian.. then they non need to do anything in Malaysia… But if want to be Singaporean.. they need obtain the form K and etc from Malaysia high com.. as same procedure as what you has go thru…

        Hope this clear your doubt.


      • Hi YP,

        My son reach 12 years old, and I’m going to renounce my citizen soon. Do you think I must apply ic for him before I renounce my citizen? Or he can just holding Malaysia passport for dual citizenship.

  110. Hi,

    Kindly check with you all, how long does it take for renouncing your Malaysian citizenship? Do we need to stay at Singapore during the processing time?


  111. I’m approaching 21 and need to renounce my Malaysian citizenship. Is it the same process? Also, do I need to change my passport after renouncing my citizenship?

  112. Hi,

    Just wondering if we can keep our old Malaysian Passport after renouncing the citizenship? The reason is, I have some work visa / reentry permits for some countries in the current passport..


      • Hi echoong2,

        Actually I read your blogs (and most of the posts) but I am getting a bit confused because a friend said he got the passport back (with its corner cut though) while you stated the day you submitted the form would be the last day you would ever see your Malaysian passport again…

        Anyone has ever got their passport back? I think it is quite valid because let’s say if you have a 10-year work/business visa/permit in US, you might want to ask the US Immigration to transfer that permit over to your new Singapore passport instead of having to reapply that 10-year work/business visa/permit again… (it could be a tedious process even with the new passport).


  113. Hi, did anyone of you and your spouse converted to Singapore Citizenship and your kids is holding duo citizenship? And when they came to the age ( 12 years old i believe) applying Malaysia IC, have no problem at all? I am curious about during Kid IC application, they need parent IC to be present right? Anyone come across this and dont have any issue at all ? Malaysia Government will accept the Kids IC application with both parent are foreigner? Anyone can share you experience here? Thanks !!!

  114. Hi all,
    It’s very useful information being posted here. Tomorrow i’ll be going to MHC for the renounciation, wish me luck. Anyway can anyone advise the below:
    1) i have a car registered under my name in JPJ, so after renouncing i will not have any M’sian ID anymore, will there be any problem on selling off the car in future?
    2) per previous JoeWu’s comment, once passport being taken back, there is no return?? I have some important “chop” in the passport, the chop i got on my wedding day. “the last day you see your passport” sound scary to me. Can anyone also advise if it is possible to take back the passport (with the cut at the coener of coz).

  115. Hi, I missed my appointment date and time to collect the acknowledgement slip needed for ICA appointment. Does anyone know if I can go back and collect the next day?

  116. hi may i ask, will renunciation affect my property in malaysia even if i am the second owner, and my personal bank account? Is it possible to settle these( close account if necessary) after my renunciation?

    • Hi,
      No it won’t. U just need to keep whatever docs u have with u as a proof that u r still the same person, before and after rennouncing ur citizenship.

  117. May I ask how long it takes to receive the Singapore citizenship certificate and singapore Nric? I have submitted my form K on 24/04/2014 but haven’t receive any news up to date regarding the collection of Nric and certificate and going through the GRC ceremony.


  118. Hi, I have submitted my Form K to ica on 24/04/2014. May I check how long it takes for me to receive my singapore Nric and singapore citizenship certificate as well as going through the GRC ceremony? Thanks

  119. I submitted mine yesterday and I just wanted to let all know that it is still $7.7 (no change) for the processing fee although the link in the Embassy says $10. Make sure you bring the exact amount there.

    Also, may I know who ever got their passport back (with the upper corner cut or punched a hole)? The officer said the passport will be retained but I actually saw a few friends getting back theirs (with the upper corner cut). If anyone knows how we could get it back kindly please advise how…


  120. HI,

    Can someone advice me that whether we have to bring our kids (below 3 years old) to ICA for citizenship registration?


    • Let me answer my question my self. I just received my formal approval letter 2 days ago. It stated in the letter that children have to go with parent for citizenship registration.

  121. .Hi,
    I had just renounced 2 days together with my wife. Didn’t have to bring my kids(14 & 15) as they are not required to renounce. According to the Msia High Comm officer, my kids will have dual citizenship and may retain their Msian ICs and Msian passports till age of 21 at which ICA will send them letters to remind them to renounce or otherwise during then. This was what happened to my nieces when they reached 21 on that birthday. Hope this help for those with kids irregardless whether the kids were born in spore or msia residing with them in spore.

  122. I have submitted my documents at Malaysia Embassy, FYI, Additional information form is no longer needed. The officer there will help you to check your pre-filled Borang K and correct it before she hand you 2 copies of the original form. Although you fill up wrongly in the original form, she will give you another set to fill. Overall, i see the improvement of the staff there, very happy with them for this trip. It took me 15 mins to submit all the documents and left the building.

  123. Since no one talk about Singapore Citizenship Journey- SCJ, let me share with you my experience cos i feel a lot of ppl might start to check online the whole process after they received their principle of approval letter from ICA.

    After i received my Principle of Approval Letter from ICA, i login to the website stated in the letter which is . It required you to key in the date of approval that shows in the letter, so, for those who haven’t got the letter, you cant do it first. Basically the SCJ is asking you to complete 3 components which is Quiz, Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing Session. Before you start these 3 component, you are required to do Pre-programme survey. It is just a basic one. After you completed the survey, you can start the quiz. You don’t have to worry about the answer if it is wrong, because you are allow to choose another answer till you get it correct. It takes you about 45 mins to complete this component. Then you can choose your date of Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing Session.
    After you go for the tour or CSS, it takes 2 to 4 days for them to update your status. For mine, it done my tour on 16th, 18th only shows that i completed the tour. 18th i done my CSS, 20th only shows that i completed the session. Because CSS is my last component, after they updated my status on 20th that i have completed the component, an email send to me to ask me to do the Post Programme Survey. That is the last survey i done before my SCJ is 100% completed.

    A message will shows to you after you completed the whole thing, it says that ICA will contact you within 2 weeks.
    I received my formal approval letter from ICA on 2nd Jul. And i have my appointment with ICA to do my citizenship registration on 10th Jul.

      • Hi Stacy,

        Sorry for late reply.

        Just enjoy ur tour as that is just a simple tour, nothing much u need to do. And for CSS, you will required to form a group for discussion to ask question abt the CC u belongs to after the presentation from town council ppl. CSS is just a short one. I finished it within 2.5 hours.


  124. citizenship ceremony will be around 6 mths after ICA complete ur citizenship registration, depending on ur GRC

  125. “If you are travelling before your appointment with ICA, DON’T renounce your Malaysian citizenship too early as they will keep your passport on that day, that’s the last day you see your Malaysian passport! You won’t be able to travel out of Singapore until you get your Singapore passport later.” the malaysia passport will be kept by ICA or Malaysia Embassy?

  126. Hi! may i know do I have to make an appointment with ica for citizenship registration before heading to MHC to renounce my Malaysian citizhenship?

  127. Hi…I was asked to collect my letter to ICA after 3 days. But i wont be able to make it on that day. Can i go after the 3 days to collect?

  128. I have been waiting the official aporoved K Form from msia high comm for about 4 months, another 3 days will be exactly 4 months, but yet to receive any email from them. May I know is it normal? How to chk with them?

    • Same case here. Went down to MHC to check and they told me to wait for another 2 months (without checking their records). Not too sure whether that’s normal. Have you received yours?

  129. Hi all,just back from MHC which accompany my sis there for renunciation. Nowadays was much more simplify and easier as compare to last time I did it in Nov 2012.
    We reach there around 11.20am,1st of all,change a pass at guard hse,told them u are coming for renunciation,then there will u a “C” pass. I guess is stand for Cosular Section. Then u just need to walk to the Consular Hall/Section which beside the Passport Application building.
    After u entered the Consular Section,go to the right corner and look for a Malay guy who issuing the original K Form(in yellow color). But he will ask for your completed MY-RN1 form 1st (last time it was name as Annex A form,but now is MY-RN1, just a bit different from annex A form.). If u don’t hv this MY-RN1 form,need not to worry,u can ask from him or he will issue you 1 set.
    After u completed the MY-RN1 form,u go back to tat guy and he will then issue u 2 pcs of original K form. Both K form are the same but u just need to filled it up both. Don’t forget use their provided black ink pen to fill all forms with CAPITAL letter. After u completed the K form,then u got to get back to tat Malay guy again for checking and he will help u to do the thumb print on the K form. Remember,this time round u go to tat Malay guy,wat u need to show him is :the completed MY-RN1 form,2 set of completed original K Form (no need photocopy anymore), 2 pcs of photocopy malaysia IC & SG IC & Birth Cert. After he verified it and do the thumb print for u, then he will issue u a Q number to proceed liao.
    When ur turn at counter,pass all the above mentioned forms and documents to the officer including your original malaysia IC,birth cert, passport and 3pcs of passport size photo. Within 10-15 mins, it will be done and u just need to proceed to the last counter to do payment ($7.70 or $7.80,my goondoo sis can’t recall how much she pay and then they will issue a collection slip to u and inform u which day to come back for collection. it’s took abt 3 working days. If u go on Monday,means u can collect on Thursday. if u go on Wednesday, u can only collect it on Monday coz sat and sun not considered working day and they didn’t open too.
    Hope this msg is useful for all.
    Lastly,wish every Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  130. Hi, I have submitted my renounce form on 2nd May, received my approved K form from MHC around end Aug this year, so it is slightly less than 4 months, they will send letter to you instead of email. You will have 2 months period to collect it. Havent collected mine. You will need to photocopy Spore IC, Spore Citizenship cert, Spore passport

    • Thanks for the info, i am waiting for the email or letter from MHC. I have submitted my renounce form 3 months ago. Hopefully can get the official letter soon.
      Can i know if you have attended your Citizenship Ceremony?

      • Hi, I am in the same shoes as you. I had already received my SG passport (around 2 months plus) and the letter frm the MY embassy to collect the Borang K by Dec… but I have yet to receive a letter to attend the citizenship ceremony.. not sure if this is something common…

      • hi Mei,usually the ceremony is for about 400 new citizen if I m not wrong. May b your area got lesser new citizen,that’s y they need longer time to arrange and gather 400 new citizen for the ceremory.

  131. Hello! I would like to know whether there is a set deadline for Singapore citizenship registration. It is because I am currently away from Singapore on a 3 month assignment to another country. Was there a specific deadline in your approval letter (as I haven’t seen it)?

    Thank you very much!

  132. Hi, is there anyone who decided not to proceed with S’pore citizenship after getting the ICA approval letter? Will this affect the existing PR status?

  133. Hello, I collected my collection slip on 14/08/2014. But I was wondering if anyone know how long will the consular officer email or notify you of your collection of the official renunciation letter?

    • I went for my citizenship ceremony on 1 Nov and received the letter from Malaysia HiComm about 4 weeks later to go and collect the K form. The letter will state the docs required: 2 copies of your IC, citizenship cert and passport.
      I just collected my K form yesterday and submitted my copy of K form at ICA. You still need to get a queue number for it. Go to Level 6 and select service > Collection of Document. I waited for about 30 minutes for the submission.

      • Thanks for your input, Winnie. This is to confirm that the process has not been changed. I received one feedback from reader that you just DO NOTHING upon receiving the K Form back from MHC. But your recent experience told me that the process has not been changed (except now you need to take queue number to submit the K Form to Singapore ICA.)

  134. Hi,

    I received a letter (I thought it would be email initially) notifying me to collect the Form K before a certain date. It says that I will need to submit 2 copies each of *certified* Singapore NRIC and the citizenship certificate. Can anyone help shed some light on this? Do we really need to provide the *certified* copies of NRIC and Citizenship Certificate??


      • Hi,

        Thanks Andrew. Just to confirm one thing: As I already have the pink IC and the citizenship certificate, can I just make copies of them and bring along the original ones to the Msia Embassy to show them? Or do I still need to go ICA and ask for certified copies??

        Many thanks indeed…

      • Hi Joe,so sorry,I didn’t encounter this b4 as I only collect my original pink ic and citizenship cert after I collect the original borang K. Or u may call to MHC to ask??? So sorry that can’t answer on this…..

  135. Just to share:-

    For children who is holding 2 passport- Sg Passport and Malaysia Passport, you need to bring 2 passport for travelling to Malaysia. SG passport for Singapore custom, Malaysia Passport for Malaysia custom.

  136. Hi! can i check with u, aft I submit the last part of SCJ there write I will received e formal letter from ICA to renounce my citizenship, if I travel on mid Jan will u feel is enough time to settled it? Thanks you.

  137. Hi, may i check with you roughly how long you will get your Singapore passport after you surrendered your malaysian passport? I am currently working in US under L1 visa. I can make a quick trip back to Singapore and surrender my malaysia passport but i need to get a new Singapore passport ASAP to transfer my US Visa to the new passport and get back to work…

  138. Any idea if I can get the Letter of Renunciation from MHC on the same day (afternoon of the submission day) or by the next day (Thursday)? This is because my ICA appointment day is Friday morning 😦

  139. Hi, I am going for my renunciation on Friday. Had read some notes dated in year 2012, says that we will need to fill in education & employment history. Do they still require now? Can anyone advise…. Thanks.

  140. hi all, i am a malaysian who is thinking of renouncing my citizenship and converting to spore citizenship. My immediate motive is to avoid the 5% buyer tax (for SPR) as i am buying a property in Spore soon .. however, i have been grappling with the thought and not sure whether i am making the right decision … can I… for the sake of gathering more views before i make the decision .. ask here why do you decide to convert ..i am sure at least some of the thoughts that went through our mind in the decision making process would have been similar.. thank you!

  141. Hi, my son and I have gotten the singapore passport. Can anyone advise if my son (12 years old) still need to go back Msia to do his IC?

  142. Hi, may I know is there a dateline to collect our previously contributed EPF once we have renounced? Anyone has collected & how fast is the procedure? Thanks.

    • Anyone knows? As I have renounced my citizenship couple of years ago & have not collected my previously contributed EPF.. thanks in advance!

      • i just withdraw my CPF at Penang, the procedure is very simple. You just need to bring your original and 2 sets of photocopy passport, borang K, birth certificate and your Malaysia bank account statement or letter from your Bank to KWSP and ask for the forms. FYI, you just have to travel there 1 time, then they will pay you by Giro (not so fast).

      • Hi Jamie, Thanks a lot for the info. As currently I have no Msian bank account, think need to open first before go collect my EPF..

      • oh, but if by cheque, still need to bank in to our own bank account in Malaysia right? If chose cheque in SGD, not so worth due to current exchange rate not favourable..

  143. Thanks echoong for the informative article.

    I just came back from MHC and they have updated the admin fee to $8.00
    Here is my experience:

    » Exchange Pass at the main entrance by Cable road
    (If you’re driving, they do not provide parking so you’ll have to park at the nearest public/hdb carpark)

    » Head to Consular Section to the right of the building, you will see signs.
    » An officer will be by the end of the small room with 4-5 counters. You will sign in on a booklet with your M’sia IC/Passport No first. He/she will check if you have the sufficient documents and provide you with the yellow Borang K forms.

    Here are the required forms:
    1. Borang K (Yellow Form) *2
    *It is best to fill up one copy of Borang K before heading down, so the officer can double check if you have filled the details correctly. And you’ll be required to use their bold pen to fill this form up.
    2. MY-RN1 (Original filled copy is sufficient, photocopies not required)
    * For people born in Singapore, you have to fill in the boxes as follow:
    i) Malaysia Identity Card (Date of Issue is grey out on the form they provided, so I suppose it is not required at all)
    ii) Singapore Birth Certificate
    iii) Malaysian Citizenship Certificate ( Borang W )
    iv) Malaysian International Passport

    » Another officer will be waiting to have your thumbprint stamped onto Borang Y forms and he/she will provide you with a queue number.

    » Have these items ready when your queue number is up:
    – Singapore / Malaysia Birth Certificate* &/ Borang W *
    – Malaysia Passport *
    – Malaysia IC *
    – 3 copies of Passport Photos *
    *These items will be collected.

    » When completed, wait for your name to be called for payment of S$8.00. You will be issued with a receipt and date of collection. It is normally 3 days indeed.
    If you are with your family, only one representative is required to collect the documents.

    It was unexpected that the whole process only took 30 minutes or less actually with about 10 people in the room.

    • Hi, i went to MHC on 13 mar 2015 to apply for renunciation of msia citizenship. So i wait for 3 working days to go back and collect the yellow slip of paper that labeled ‘Resit Rasmi, ASAL’. That yellow slip of paper is stapled together with the ‘Application for Renunciation of msia citizenship(processing only)’ form and photocopy of my msia birth certificate that have verification stamp on it.
      -total 3 papers.
      -they did not give back my msia docs (those docs i give them on 13 mar.).

      My qns:
      So in the ICA citizenship application letter that tell me to proceed to ICA with the original and photocopy of the ” Renunciation letter of foreign citizenship from the Authorities concerned”, is the above 3 papers i collected from MHC the one that need for registering of spore citizenship in ICA?
      Pls i very confused now.

  144. hi, do you have any idea if own malaysia property while converting Sg citizenship?
    Any impact? problem with malaysia ?

      • JUST TO SHARE :
        if anyone has the same situation as me. I received letter from malaysia embassy to collect borang K & birth cert by mid may2015. But i didn’t get inviatation letter to attend the singapore citizenship ceremony even after i collected my TEMPORARY SINGAPORE IC for more than 5 months.
        I emailed to ICA mid mar2015 and they responded they are having overwhelming of email enquiry & had forwarded my query to the respective dept.
        I also emailed to malaysia embassy hoping that they will extend the deadline (i didn’t give a definite date since i do not know when i would be getting the original pink ic and citizenship certificate). M’sa embassy replied by asking me to get from ICA extracted copy of documents.
        After more than a mth waiting (in this period, i further emailed two more times to ICA), I personally went down to ICA, 6th level instead. Get a queue no., ICA’s officer ask me to fill up a form and ask me to go down 3 weeks later (after that changed to 2 weeks as to meet the Malaysia embassy’s deadline) to collect the extracted copy of the doc.
        So now i am still waiting to collect the extacted doc from ICA by then i will go to m’sia embassy to exchange them with the borang K and my original birth cert. After that with those doc, i have to go another time to ICA.

        Hopefully everything would be smoothly done so that i can wait for ICA to inform me of the citizenship ceremony’s date.

        P/S : ICA told me that it is the GRC whom delay the ceremony. i told ICA that i went to GRC also, but they told me to go to ICA. ICA said, yes the date is fix by GRC but GRC won’t tell us when would it be. GRC will let ICA to tell us the actual date. Sigh …. god bless me ……. today — 28.04.2015, 12.20pm

      • Hi echoong2, may I knw which article you referring to on the ppty topic? Kindly advise, thanks

  145. Hi,

    Did anyone encounter issue about the residence address on pink IC? I just got my approved-in-principle letter from ICA and in the progress to complete the three courses (sgjourney). I am currently staying with my sister (Punggol), however i will move out and live with my future husband (Jurong) soon. I am wondering if i allow to fill up the new residence address which is my future husband’s address (during which process? When doing pink IC at ICA?) so that when the time i collect my pink IC during the ceremony (probably another 4-6 months), it will reflect the correct residence address? This will save my time to go down to police station to change address too. Not sure if i am allow to do so..if yes, is my ceremony will be held at Jurong instead?

    Can anyone help? Do you have similiar issue like me? 🙂

    • “in the progress to complete the three courses (sgjourney)…. “.
      -> in the progress –> i doubt you will be able to attend citizenship ceremony after 4-6mths — so.. my suggestion, put current address instead of “future” address at this time been.


  146. Hi, Me and my hubby (4 including 2 kids 12yr and 10yr ) going to apply for citizenship. How many set of form do I need to fill up ? Thanks. I am not working and will be under husband sponsorship.

  147. Is there a specific deadline in which you must apply to withdraw your EPF money and close your EPF account after renouncing your Malaysian citizenship?

    For example, after renouncing my Malaysian citizenship, can I just leave my EPF account as it is for the time being and only apply to withdraw the money say, a few years later?

  148. Hi,
    I have gotten my SG IC last month. But until today, I yet to received any email or letter to collect my Borang K.
    Please advise which/where should I go for enquiry?

    • You may call Malaysia High Comm and check. They return Borang K by batch one. If you call them, they will ask you your application is on which month.

  149. Hi, just some updates after completed my renounciation last Tuesday. Few things to take note:
    1. You may use the entrance at guard house to enter high commission after exchanged for your pass. No need to walk to another gate to enter as previously.
    2. Fill in the places of issuance of your Malaysia NRIC with PETALING JAYA only. It’s kind of by default. You have to amend it if you fill in other places. Please fill your Singapore address in address column in K Form.
    3. You preprinted copy of K Form can do amendment, because it’s just a draft for the officer to check it before giving you 2 copies of original K Form.
    4. You are only allowed to fill in the original K Forms with the CAPITAL LETTER and use their black ink pen provided in the writing area in consular office. No amendment or error when filling in orginal K Form is allowed. So, stay calm and copy all the information from the draft K Form which has been checked by the officer.
    5. Remember to make 2 copies of each required documents including your Singapore blue NRIC for submission.
    6. Prepare EXACT payment amounting to $8. They will tell you no small change if you give them $10.
    7. The whole process is quite fast and simple. It took me only around 40 minutes to complete it. So no need to hurry yourself when filling you original K Forms to avoid mistakes. Anyway, you can still get a new K Form from the officer if you make error. So, just relax.
    8. It may not be exactly 3 working days to collect your acknowledgement slip addressed to ICA Singapore/attestation of Malaysian birth certificate. My case is on the 4th working days (Friday) from the date of submission (Tuesday). So allow more times when arranging appointment with ICA.
    9. For those renounce with children, child below 21 years old no need to go to high commission for renounciation. But they need to be present for appointment with ICA regardless of age.
    10. Some additional info when fill in K Form:
    – you just need to fill in your birth certificate or Malaysian NRIC number in the first empty space (….similar bernombor) in K Form and leave the second empty (….menjadi seorang warganegara).
    – after 9. Agama, do not fill the following Dibuat Dan …….but fill the second part above signature with NAME only and sign. The rest leave it empty.
    – turn to next page and fill in NAME and SIngapore Address only. The rest leave it empty.
    That’s all.

  150. Hi all,
    my child (below 21 years old) has 2 passports – SG and MY, which one should he use if we are bringing him to malaysia?

    Can anyone please advise? Thank you.

    • Dear Danna,

      To exist & enter Singapore, your child need Singapore passport, to exit & enter Malaysia, your child need Malaysia Passport.

      So, if you are traveling to Malaysia with your child, please bring 2 passport. Show Singapore Custom SIngapore passport and Malaysia custom Malaysia passport.


      • Hi Jamie

        Pertaining to the above, is it possible just using Singapore Passport at Malaysia Custom?


  151. Hi,
    I have a question.

    As my daughter is only 11 year old and we intend to take up Singapore citizenship, can we decide on behalf of our daughter? Meaning, we do not wish for our daughter to wait till she is 21 year old and decide for herself.

    Is this allowed?

    Thank you.


    • HI Charles,

      Children below 22 yrs old is allowed to hold dual citizenship. Don’t worry, your daughter is still able to hold malaysia and singapore passport at the same time.


      • Dear Jamie

        Appreciate you taking the time to reply to my query. 🙂

        Pertaining to my earlier query, why I want to know if we can renounce my daughter’s Malaysian citizenship (before she turns 21) is that we know that she will not be going back there indefinitely.

        So, is it still possible to renounce outright on my daughter’s behalf?

        Once again, thank you.

      • Sorry Charles, I did not read your comment carefully.

        Maybe someone here can answer your query, but i think you can just renounce her citizenship like what you did for your self.

      • Dear Jamie

        No issue at all 🙂

        Thank you for your time



  152. Hi All,

    I have a question on the photocopies of documents to be submitted to MHC:-

    (1) Malaysian/Singapore IC – photocopy both the front and back side-by-side on the SAME piece of paper or front and back on SEPARATE pieces of paper?
    (2) Malaysian Birth Cert – photocopy both the front and back side-by-side on the SAME piece of paper or front and back on SEPARATE pieces of paper?


    • HI Kev,

      For IC, you need to photocopy front and back on the same page. If you dont know how to do, you can bring it to any shop tat provide photocopy service, they will know how to do it.

      For Birth Cert, i cant remember which one i submit d, i photocopy two type, one is same page, the other one is front and back.

      Hope it helps.


      • Thanks! I also photocopied 2 types; one front and back on SAME page and the other front and back on separate pages, just in case. 😉

  153. Sorry, another question. We need to fill in Borang K in Bahasa Malaysia right? What is the Bahasa equivalent of the following religions under “Agama”?

    (1) Catholic – Katolik?
    (2) Christian – Kristian?
    (3) Buddhist – Buddha?
    (4) Taoist – Tao?
    (5) Free thinker – pemikir bebas?

    Can I fill in “pemikir bebas” under Agama?

    • Hi Kev,

      Dont fill in those you are not confident, the lady in the highcomm will let you know wat to fill.


      • I just went to renounce this morning. No need to fill in “agama” if you don’t have.

      • Hi Kev,

        So, how should the photocopy of birth cert should be done? Front and back on 2 different paper or same paper side by side or same paper front and bc?


  154. Hi, thanks for the informative post. I would like to know if there is anything I should do before renouncing my citizenship, in terms of EPF accounts, bank accounts , insurance etc still under my name in Malaysia?

  155. Hi, after the Singapore Citizenship ceremony in Oct 2012, I was waiting from MLY High Commission to inform me to collect K Form and returned my original birth cert. They never inform me. I called several times and they asked me to wait. I also checked internet that some people said it took 1 or 2 years. Today (already 2015!) I received a letter from ICA requesting me to produce the K form as soon as possible to close the case. Should I visit the Mlys High Commission to check with them? How long does it take to collect the final K Form from them? Pls HELP.

  156. Hi, i am going to renounce my citizenship soon . Anyone knows after we renounce msian citizenship, are we allowed to travel bc to Msia after the spore passport is ready? How long can we stay in msia using spore passport?

    • Why not? you are allowed to travel any whr with your passport including Malaysia. With Singapore passport, you are allowed to stay Max 30 days in malaysia for 1 trip.

  157. Hi, any idea how long for the citizenship process I submitted on 12th May 2015 and it’s nearly 2 months and there is still no news yet.

  158. Hi all
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank echoong for starting this thread and all who has contributed to make this journey smoother.

    I completed my renunciation this morning 08/07/15 and updates are as follow

    Documents needed:
    Original Letter of Approval from ICA + 2copies (Original will be return to you)
    Form “K”
    Form “MY-RN1 ” – you can fill this at home after you download the form (1copy)
    Original MYR NRIC + 2 copies (Front and back on same page)
    2 copies of Singapore NRIC (Front and back on same page)
    Original Birth Certificate (Laminated) + 2 copies (Front and back) no need on same page
    Original Passport (no need copy)
    3 copies of Passport Photo
    Fees: SGD $7.20

    Process as follow;
    1. Change pass at guard house
    2. Head to Consular room
    3. Queue up to sign in in the log book
    4. Queue up to show the guy in charge your prefilled boring ‘K”. He will check and if all is ok he will issue you with 2 copies of original yellow boring “K” to fill in
    5. Use black pen provided, no cancellation is allow and all must be fill in capital letter.
    6. When you finish, queue up again to show the man your completed forms and he will check.
    If all is ok he will fingerprint your completed form. He will check and sort out the forms for you to submit together with a queue number.
    7. Wait for your number to be call.
    8. At the counter, submit your forms plus all the original documents. Passport, NRIC and Birth Certificate.
    9. You will be given a form to fill. Just fill in your name and address in Singapore
    10. After that you will be ask to wait for your name to be call.
    11. When your name is being called you will be issued with a pink color collection form stating the date of collection. (3days) you will need to pay SGD$7.20.
    With all the above it’s was the last time I saw my Malaysian Passport and NRIC
    FYI MHC will be closed from 17 to 20 July for Hari Raya holidays

    Hope the above helps

  159. Collected documents from MHC today 13/07
    Collection Time 1:30 to 3:30pm

    1. Change Pass at security
    2. Head to Consular room
    3. Sign in the Log book
    4. Submit your form at counter 1
    5. Wait for your name to be call

    Documents collected

    1. Certified MY-RN1 form
    2. Certified Birth Certificate copy
    3. Receipt SGD $7.20

  160. Chan SK 63 ask : Hi , May I know where to get the signature from one of these people as required in Page 2 of Form-K :– Majistret / Jaksa Pendamai / Peguambela dan Notori Awam atau Pesuruhjaya Sumpah .

  161. hi Jamie
    do u have personal experience with children holding 2 citizenship / passports (Spore n Msia)?

    When they re-enter Spore from Msia using Spore passport, will Spore customs ask ‘why is there no Malaysian stamp on the Spore passport’ and likewise when they re-enter Msia from Spore using Msia passport, will the Msia customs ask ‘where is the Singapore stamp on Msia passport?’

    How about for international travel to other countries via airport / sea? R we supposed to use Spore or Msia passport?

    Thank you

    • Tan, Sorry for late reply. I dont have any problem with carrying 2 countries passport for my kids. The custom won’t ask the stamp..
      If i bring them to other country, i will use Singapore passport.

  162. Hi all,

    I assume this is only applicable for age 21 years old and above right? As i have two daughters (4yrs and 1yrs old).
    Also, for Singapore ICA. I assume no need to be present for my two young daughter beside making a new SG passport?
    Please advice.

  163. Dear Jamie

    Do you have experience with children holding both Spore n Msia passports?

    If child uses Spore passport to enter Spore, n Msia passport to enter Msia, will Spore ask where is the Msia chop on Spore passport when enter Spore and will Msia ask where is the Spore chop on Msia passport when enter Msia?

    When doing international travel via airport / sea, which passport does child use?

    Thank you

  164. Hi. Can anyone help to answer my question? I am going to renounce my citizenship tomorrow and it will be the last time I will ever see my passport and Malaysia I/C. Problem is I still got a few bank accounts in Malaysia and I need to withdraw the money. I heard that it would be difficult to withdraw if I don’t have an I/C with me. Would the bank accept the renunciation letter from the Malaysia High Comm as a proof and I can use it to withdraw money?

    • Hi Andy, you must have miss the q&a before you post this question. As long as you can proof that you are still thr same person before and after renunciation, no problem with your bank ACC.

  165. Hi all, I just received a letter from Malaysian Commission that it is ready to collect K form. However, I would need to photocopy the original Singapore IC which I do not have it with me and still with ICA. Hence my question is: If I make a trip down to ICA to request for a photocopy of my original IC, how long does it take to obtain the photocopies? Read on some other blog that says 2 weeks.

  166. hi,

    I am a Malaysian. My father is a Malaysian and my mother is Singaporean. In 2002 I called Singapore Immigration asked them weather I can apply for Singapore citizenship or not. They said cant because my mother only Singaporean but father is Malaysian. The officer said , if father is a Singaporean only can I can apply. I leave it. Now I saw the rules has changed. I saw they posted, for the child who born after 2004 outside Singapore for female Singaporean also eligible to apply. I born on 1981. Please advice how I can apply for Singapore citizenship for whole family( My husband and 2 kids). For your information I am a degree holder in HR, my husband have degree in Engineering and Diploma in education and another diploma in sports science. He is a secondary school teacher in Malaysia. I have 2 kids age 6 and 4. I knew this cannot work out but hope I will get some helpful tips some where.

    Sorry for trouble you.

  167. Hi,

    After my registration of Singapore citizenship , I can straight away register for SG passport on the day of registering as a SC ? Once I get my SG passport I can enter Malaysia even I did not have the Form K back from high commission of Malaysia right?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Immediately after swearing in, I applied for my Singapore passport.

      I am now holding a Singapore passport and have travelled in and out of Malaysia several times. I am still waiting for my Borang K.

  168. Hi,

    Thank you for the elaborate explanation and step-by-step guide on the whole process of renuncing the Malaysian citizenship and obtaining the new Singapore IC and application for the passport.

    I would like to ask roughly how long does the whole process takes from the moment I submit the K and MY-RN1 forms to renounce my Malaysian citizenship at the Malaysian Embassy to the time I get my Singapore passport? Assuming I submit the application for the new Singapore passport the day after I get/collect the renunciation letter from the Malaysian Embassy.

    The reason I’m asking this so that I can gauge the period which I will not be able to travel because I travel out of SIngpaore every week for work.

    Would appreciate your response.

    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,

  169. Hi,

    Thank you for the elaborate explanation and step-by-step guide on the whole process of renuncing the Malaysian citizenship and obtaining the new Singapore IC and application for the passport.

    I would like to ask roughly how long does the whole process takes from the moment I submit the K and MY-RN1 forms to renounce my Malaysian citizenship at the Malaysian Embassy to the time I get my Singapore passport? Aassuming I submit the application for the new Singapore passport the day after I get/collect the renunciation letter from the Malaysian Embassy.

    The reason I’m asking this so that I can gauge the period which I will not be able to travel because I travel out of SIngpaore every week for work.

    Would appreciate your response.

    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,

    • They do not have the laminate service at the high commission. You may do so at any of the photocopies shop / stationery shop in the neighbourhood centre. The processing fees is now SGD$10.

    • They do not have any laminate service at the high commission. You may wish to laminate at any photocopiers shop / stationery shop in any of the neighbourhood centre. The processing fees is now SGD $10.00

  170. Hi,

    Can I know which copy of the Birth Cert to surrender? The old copy or the new one with barcode? Cause when my daughter was born and when we went to the old persekutuan they said our birth cert is too old and need to replace with the new one. But they did not collect back the old birth cert.

  171. Hi,

    I am a minor turning 21 and is about to renounce my Msia citizenship. Any minors can share their experience with me?

    Also, is there any updates to the renunciation procedures at MHC?


  172. Also, during submission, does the officer run a check of our particulars against their database first? or do they just take our original forms + documents and issue us the collection slip?

  173. Hi,

    Will extract of birth cert in place of lost original do for the submission for renunciation application?

  174. Wow. this forum is so useful!!!! I’m a Malaysian who has been staying in Singapore for the past 12 years but my company recently post me to Shanghai (While my citizenship application is still in process). It really complicates the whole process.

    A couple of days ago, my kind neighbour who has been checking my mailbox for me told me my citizenship application has been approved. Initially I was very worried that I will have to stay in in Singapore for four months while waiting for Form K to be processed. But it looks like I will only need to be there for a week.

    I’ll update on this post once I have gone through the process so that others can benefit too. Thanks Echoong for starting this.

  175. Hi,
    The price has gone up to S$10.
    Get help from kind Indian lady at the main section with the yellow forms before going to the Consular section.


    • Hi, can anyone share your latest experience at the Malaysian High Comm? Were the staff helpful? My past few experiences with them have not been that pleasant… thanks…

      • Their service attitude have never changed since then. Remember , you are not going there more than twice in your life, just get it processed and convert!

  176. Hi Echoong,
    Do you know whether the minor below 21 years old can renouncing the citizenship of Malaysia? If they can, would you please share with me what is the steps.. I was trying to google online but couldnt find.. Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  177. Very informative blog, thanks for sharing. I am going to apply for Singapore citizenship soon as I heard that it is difficult to apply after I turn 45.

  178. Hi Echoong,

    I am in the process of transferring ownership of my house property in Malaysia. What will be the complications if I renounce my Malaysia citizenship before the process is completed? My lawyer told me the process will take about a month from now to complete however I got the letter of approval from ICA and the appointment is scheduled on 23 Sep 2016 which is too close to get all these things done including the renunciation.

    What will you advise?


    • Hi Bryan,

      Can you share with me how to settle the issue? Is it a MUST that transfer the ownership? How’s your housing loan? Hope you advise.

      Thank you.
      Ice Soo

  179. Hi all, i just received my Approval letter.
    I would like to find out :-
    1. Do i need to bring my child( below 18) to msia highcom for renunciation ? Any form to fill for my child ?

    2. Can i postphone the date of appointment stated in the approval letter ? How long can i postphone, if i wish to postpone 2 months later ?


  180. Hi

    I already done all the citizenship waiting to get my original Pink IC..but then should I update to the MOE and Town Council for new citizenship as these would affected school fee and S&SCC fee? Thanks.

  181. Already done the citizenship registration on Sep, but until today still pay for SPR rate to MOE and S&SCC, should I submit the documents to these relevant department? Or just wait the ICA automatically update all the data?

  182. Hello thanks for your post, it is really helpful! JUst would like some clarifications what is the Letter of Approval from Singapore ICA? is it the form i am mailed once i turned 21, the letter about oath taking? Besides when i was filling in the other form (not borang w) i am unsure where i can find the singapore citizenship application reference number?

  183. Update : The additional form is not required, instead they will give you a new form to fill up (name and Singapore home address) when you submitting the form at the counter.

  184. Hi all,

    Just wondering if Malaysia High Comm informs us through email or post that our Borang K is ready for collection? It has been 4 months but I have yet to receive any notice. Thanks.

  185. Hi,
    After I have surrender my Malaysia Passport and IC, Am I able to apply for the Singapore Passport and IC immediately ?

  186. Hi Jamie,

    Great that you have provide such detailed information of this renunciation process. Regarding on the original birth cert, did they return it to you? I didn’t make a copy of it, because I thought they won’t collect the original documents back and I’m quite worry now what if I need it in near future as I have an upcoming overseas trip.


    Best regards,

  187. Hi all, i just received my Approval letter.
    I would like to find out :-
    1. Do i need to bring my child( below 18) Original passport to msia highcom for renunciation ? Any form to fill for my child ?

  188. Hi,

    Just want to know when you returned your passport and IC to the officer, did they actually cut it in front of you? Or this is fine they don’t need to be cut?

  189. Hi,

    Thank you for the post is very helpful!

    I’m going to fill my Borang K to renounce Malaysia Citizenship. May I know the form should be written in Bahasa or English? Thank you!

  190. Thank you for this info. I am looking into converting too. Feeling this is needed for career nowadays. Many people tell me this is not true. But i feel it is quite true for my pass few jobs.

  191. HI Echoong,
    Thanks for sharing the detail of the procedure. I just went this morning (19 May 2017), there is a latest additional info form. But sorry that I forgot to take a photo on it. Every details boxes are the same. Just the bottom part about 4 months waiting time has been changed.

    The IC Issuing place is PUTRA JAYA. Officer told me. And need to fill up 2 yellow K forms (Must go with the print out and filled up first. Else, they don’t issue 2 yellow forms but will ask to fill up white k form first).

    Lastly, thank you for all the guidance. It really helped and meant a lot to me.

    “Blessed day”


  192. I summited my renouncing document already 5 months.until now i haven’t received any letter or email to collect my K form fr malaysia high com.what should i do.

  193. after we convert to Singaporean, what will happen to my epf money? is it i need to settle my ptptn balance before convert? please advice

    • Hi,
      What does ptptn means?
      For your epf money, you need to go to epf office and submit the application of closing account. I just did it last week. The officer told me it will take few months to process. You can make a choice to withdrawal the money in cheque form or direct debit to your bank in Malaysia (if you have).
      Remember to bring all original documents such as Singapore Passport, renunciation letter and Singapore Citizenship Certification. Please make photocopy of each.
      Form of application can be download form Malaysia government website.

  194. Hi, I was born in Singapore and holding Singapore PR since I was born. I remembered I submitted my Malaysian borang W (i.e., the birth cert issued by Malaysia High Comm.) to Malaysia High Comm in Singapore during my submission of my renunciation of Malaysia Citizenship. I am a Singaporean now. However, lately I cannot find the borang W at my home. Can anyone tell me will Malaysia High Comm return me my borang W? or, I actually have to surrender it to Malaysia High Comm.
    I know my Malaysia IC (mycard) has to surrender, but not sure borang W. Can any one who was born in Singapore and had converted to Singapore citizenship share with me this? Thanks!

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