Questions and Answers for Renouncing Malaysian Citizenship

Q&A for Renouncing Malaysian Citizenship

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Q Do I need to make police report for lost expired passport. This is no longer valid today?
A You don’t have to make police report for lost expired passport.

Q  I actually live overseas, so that whole process quite challenging for me to complete and travel out of Singapore with the Singapore passport. I saw in the Singapore website it takes 1 week to get a notice from Singapore government but any idea how long does it really take upon submission of the application for the new Singapore passport to the time that you really get it?
A Yup. It takes 1 week to get your SG passport.

Q Am I able to collect my original birth certificate when I collect the letter 3 working days later?
A It will be returned to you 3-4 months later.

Q Is it possible to collect the letter of renunciation and then rush off in time to ICA for the citizenship registration if I’m able to get a late afternoon appointment?
A I guess you may do so, provided you plan the timing properly

Q Must we surrender the original birth certificate?
A Yes, you have to. And must get it laminated before hand over to the officer. It will be returned to you 3-4 months later.

Q  I will go to the Msian High Comm tomorrow (Aug 16th 2012)morning to renounce my citizenship. If it takes 3 working days, I should have the form K back on Tues Aug 21. Had already made an appt with ICA on Aug 24th Fri. Do you think I get my Spore passport by Aug 30th as I am going to Msia to go to Medan on Sept 1st.? You think I am cutting it too close?
A Hmmmm….. fingers crossed. Yup, you are cutting too close. You can only apply for SG passport on 24th August and it normally takes a week before you can collect your passport (must book the collection time slot via ICA website). So I suggest you email to ICA to request for 21st afternoon or 22nd morning to process your citizenship, tell them your situation.

Q Once you make a payment, does you receive a receipt or collection slip with your name and prove that you have done the renouncement? What is the information stated in the collection slip or receipt? I need to get this slip or receipt to ICA to register my SC immediately due to time constraint.
A Yes, I did receive a receipt and the collection slip. Unfortunately I have trashed my receipt; therefore I’m unable to provide you what information is stated on the receipt. You can’t bring this receipt to ICA as a proof of your renunciation. You will have to collect a letter from the high commission 3 days later (I assume you are Malaysian).

Q The birth cert must be laminated in actual size or A4 size? Mine is in the pocket folder (actual size) and not sure need to laminate or not. Thanks in advance.
A Birth cert has to be laminated, not necessary in A4, just according to the birth cert size will do.

Q Do you have any idea about the Malaysia EPF that previously contributed? How to withdraw it?
A You should be able to withdraw in JB too. Easiest is to call their call center (Google). Good luck.

Q May I know when should we go to renounce Malaysia citizenship? Is it after we completed the Singapore Citizenship Journey?
A You will need to complete the SCJ and after that you will receive a letter from ICA to do the necessary.

Q I have collected the renunciation letter from High Comm and will be going to ICA on Tuesday.
Wish to check if we could apply for a Singapore passport immediately after the session?
Are we allowed to travel after we receive our passport?
A Yes, you may submit your passport application form on the same day you register your new citizenship at ICA. After a week or so you will be informed to collect your passport at ICA and travel out of Singapore using that passport.

Q May I know that the when I fill the form K – should I put “Malaysia” only or I need to put full place – example : “Ampang,Ipoh,Malaysia” on the place of birth and place of Msia I/C issue ?
For the form Annex A – under iv) Profession – should I fill my employer’s name and address?
A you can just put Ipoh, Msia. For annex A, need not put employer and address. It’s good you download the forms and fill in and make photocopies. It saves u a lot of trouble.

Q Do I need to produce my original Malaysian birth certificate when I apply for my new Singapore IC and passport at ICA? I understand that the original Malaysian birth certificate will be retained by the High Commission of Malaysia for renunciation purposes, but I do notice on ICA’s website that original birth certificate may be necessary for IC and passport applications.
A when registering the Singapore citizenship, you just need to produce letter of approval from Malaysian Embassy (attached with photocopy of Malaysian IC and birth cert).

Q Were you issued with a temporary Singapore IC after you have taken the oath at ICA? Were you issued the temporary IC on the same day? Or at later date? Until we obtain our official pink IC during the citizenship ceremony, is this temporary IC valid for use in governmental matters and such?
A Yes, a temporary Pink IC will be issued to you on the same day, also you can submit passport application on the spot. it depends on when is the ceremony of your citizenship, it can be 2 to 4 months after the registration at ICA. The officer will punch a hole on your blue IC and return to you.

Q 2 copies of the Birth certs are to be laminated before submission?
A  Just the original one that need to be laminated.

Q How about renounciation of citizenship for child below 21 yrs old?
A For children below 21 yrs, they dont need to be present for the renounciation. Documents needed:

1) Borang Penyerahan Pasport (3 sets per child)
Can download from here –>
2) letter of approval from ICA (x2 copies)
3) Malaysia/Singapore birth cert (x2 copies)
4) Borang W (x2 copies)
5) Latest Malaysia passport (x2 copies)
6) $5 processing fee

No photos needed for children.

Check out the process for Renouncing your Malaysian Citizenship here


106 thoughts on “Questions and Answers for Renouncing Malaysian Citizenship

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  2. Hi , i just receive the letter frm Malaysia high com regarding the collection of form K and birth cert they required Singapore IC and they do not accept the temporary ic so required the citizenship certificate may i know issit i must go to Ica get the citizenship cert first ? May i know also issit after we get the form K and birth cert then can go to the ceremony?

    • cianyee, You should attend the citizenship ceremony before collecting the K form + birth cert from M’sia High Comm. M’sia side allows you to collect the items within a month. If your citizenship ceremony doesn’t happen any time before that, you may write to M’sia High Comm and request them to extend the dateline.

      • hi, i hav done the sg citizenship ceremony and get my sg IC. Now, received letter from msia high com to collect the Form K/birthcert. After collect the Form K, can i go ica to submit the form k immediately on the same day? or ica wil send letter to inform us when to do the submission if form k? I still need to provide photo to ica since i already get my sg IC?
        Thank you.

      • this is to reply jefflynlee below. apparently her question is valid. there seemed to be a new process now. the blog author to take note too.

        I just attended my citizenship ceremony too this year. during the ceremony, I received the certificate with pink IC. one week later, I received letter from Malaysian high comm informing me to collect borang K and birth cert. and it stops there. there is no instructions from Malaysian or ICA side for further steps after collecting back the birth cert. I guess with this new process of pink IC issued during ceremony, we don’t need to go back to ICA anymore after collecting our borang K and birth cert

      • Borang W is usually given to children who are born overseas (i.e. not in Malaysia). My children were born overseas so when I registered their births at the Malaysian High Commission overseas, they were given Borang W (instead Malaysian Birth Certs).

      • Borang W is usually given to children who are born overseas (i.e. not in Malaysia). My children were born overseas so when I registered their births at the Malaysian High Commission overseas, they were given Borang W (instead Malaysian of Birth Certs).

      • Borang W is usually given to children who are born overseas (i.e. not in Malaysia). My children were born overseas so when I registered their births at the Malaysian High Commission overseas, they were given Borang W (instead of Malaysian Birth Certs).

  3. I’m using Singapore pink iC and passport ,I have lost my Malaysia passport and blue iC . Can you advise on how should I proceed with my renunciation ?

    • Melvin,
      First of all…..Pls clarify how did you used to hold 2 passports? When you said ‘I’m using Singapore pink iC and passport’, doesn’t it mean that you are already a Singaporean?

      • Haha sorry, I’m a minor citizen. I received my renunciation letter upon 21. iCA ask me to go MHC to get letter of renunciation before taking the oath. I’m serving NS now. May I know how long will it takes to complete the process including going down to MHC for the letter .

      • Hey sorry one question! Can I go in the afternoon to get the process done? Because above has stated to get it done before 1130am.

    • Hi Kylix
      Do you have any result of renouncing Malaysian Citizenship without paying back PTPTN?
      I am in the middle of considering applying Singapore Citizenship and I am facing the same query.

    • Hi Kylix,

      I have the same query as Wei Loong. Are you able to renounce your Malaysia Citizenship successfully even you have not fully settle the PTPTN fund or there is housing loan attached in Malaysia? Please advise.

      Thank you.

  4. Hey to anyone out there, I have already made my oath at the ICA building and may I know what else’s I have to do after this ? 🙂 pls guide me for the very last few steps!

  5. Hi eChoong,
    Could you kindly help to fill up a sample of the annex A form and yellow K form for us to follow as an example so that we could not make any mistake,My bahasa is not very good and could not understand some of the words.

  6. hi i am living in hkg, i have handed over the malaysian passport, i/c and birth certificate to
    the high commisison in hkg, they advise me it will take nearly an year to get the same.
    is that true

    • Hi Kumar,

      Perhaps you can check with those community in HKG for a more accurate information as this blog is mainly to serve SG community who want to renounce their M’sian citizenship.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve just finish registering at ICA, and gotten the temporary paper ic slip.

    Do I have to go cpf board, banks etc to update my citizenship now? Or wait till I gotten my actual pink ic?

    Ps: I’ve changed my name as well.


  8. If i renounce my malaysian citizenship in JB, how long it takes and how am i travel back to SG after submission the document in JB?

    • Sherlyn, I realised you never read the blog before asking this question. I encourage you read through the blog so that you will have better understanding of ‘Renouncing your Malaysian citizenship’.

  9. Hi EChoong,

    Thanks for the detailed post of steps to do renouncement of Malaysia citizenship, I need to check if the ICA will return us the original letter of renunciation when we registering for Sg citizen? I need the original letter to do some officials in Malaysia after that.

  10. Hi EChoong,
    I have an inquiry and wonder if you know. Im born in singapore thus i gave my singapore birth cert to them. Because it was already some times back, i cant rmb if they retained my singapore birth cert. I cant find it at home as well. I went to take my borang k today and that is all they gave back to me. So i need to chk with you whether they do retain our singapore birth cert? Are they suppose to give back my birth cert when i collect my borang k?

      • Thanks for your confirmation. I actually confirmed with the counter if the birth cert is with them and she said no when i only received the borang k. Guess i have to head down again.

      • Hi tech, I think I’m encountering the same as u. I hot the k form, but I couldn’t find my birth cert recently. I emailed high com she said they hv returned me but I doubt so. She has advised me to go putrajaya or jb to ask for extraction. May I know how you deal with it? Did u hot back eventually? Thx

  11. Hi Echoong,

    Can I know how the check the date of issue for Malaysia Identity Card? It need to fill up in Borong MY-RN1. Thanks.

  12. Annex A form , consist of what information they need ??
    As i did not any malay words i worries i had to run a few rounds to get it done.
    Are You able to help me translate the malay words to english ??, here my email…

  13. Hi, echoong

    Really appreciate for the clear guideline experience sharing here.

    I am now waiting for Malaysia High Comm to issue me the Renounciation Slip after 3 working days. (Processing fees are SGD10 now.)

    • Hi Michelle,
      May i check with you, the 3 working days of the processing time is it inclusive of the day of submission?
      ie. i am going to submit my renunciation on Monday, will i receive the letter by Wednesday?

  14. Hi Echoong,

    Just to check if I still have asset such as insurane policy, property and bank account in Malaysia
    then what documents I need to keep for future use of proof of identity. As I just got the approval letter from ICA and not doing the SG journey yet. Thanks a lot for your useful information here.

  15. hi, i have renounced my malaysian citizenship in Feb 2011, i just reliased today that i have not received the letter to collect form K and my original birth cert (gosh…what was i doing or thinking in last 3 years 😦 ) Now, can i go to High Commission in Singapore to collect them? Do you think they will still allow me to collect or most likely the docs have been sent back to Malaysia? Also, what happens since i didnt submit form K to ICA? ICA did not contact me for the form K all this while…Thanks for your help and advice.

    • Hi JD,

      May i know how you collect your Pink IC if you do not submit the copy of Form K to ICA?

      Message from Msia High Comm,
      ‘None collections of Borang ‘K’ within the dateline’
      If you do not collect the Form ‘K’/birth certificate within the given date, it will be send to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), Johor Bahru. After the due date, the High Commission will not beresponsible to retrieve the original Form ‘K’ from JPN. In this regard, you have to deal directlywith JPN, Johor Bahru for the said matter.

      After the renunciation, Msia High Comm will inform you for the Form K and birt cert’s collection within 4 months from the day you renounce your Msia citizenship.
      They will inform you via email (as you indicate in your form that you submitted during renunciation)

      Before collect the Form K and Birth Cert, you will need to request the NRIC copy and SG citizenship copy from ICA. ICA will took 2 weeks to process this request.
      After obtain the both copies, you may proceed to Msia High Comm to collect Form K and Birth cert. After you got your Form K, you will need to submit a copy of the form K to ICA, they will arrange with your GRC for the ceremony (collect Pink IC and Citizenship Cert)

      Hope the above are clear.

  16. I renounced my Malaysian citizen in Singapore High Comm more than 10 years ago. I didn’t get back my original Malaysian birth cert. Are you sure it will be given back to us? Do they mail it to us or we have to go to collect?

    • I got my collection letter from mhc way before my ceremony and the date to collect form k has expired.
      On the annex a it says my form k will head to Jpn, Johor.
      Any ideas how I ensure the docs can be found/ready before I make a trip there ? Thanks

  17. Hi, I don’t have Borong W and M’sian birth cert. (born in S’pore so holding to S’pore birth cert.) and parent’s IC, birth cert, citizenship cert and passport. Can I still proceed to renounce my M’sian citizenship? Thank you.

    • Hi, not sure whether you have settled this issue already. I’ve just done the renunciation, and like you I don’t have Borang W. However I have a Perakuan Taraf (Certificate of Status), which is acceptable in place of Borang W. The staff did mention if don’t have Borang W or other documents to certify your citizenship status (Perakuan Taraf/Pengesahan Taraf), then the parent’s documents will be needed in order for you to proceed with renunciation. Hope this helps.

      By the way, the fee is $7.80. After paying, you’ll receive a bright pink slip stating fee paid and when to collect the acknowledgement letter (3 working days later). No details on what documents they retained though.

  18. Is there anyway I can retain my Malaysia passport after the renunciation as I have an overseas visa in the passport that I wish to retain?

  19. Hi, can I know if is it possible if I postpone to collect the collection slip? My collection date is 10th Oct, is it possible to postpone until 13th Oct to collect it?

  20. Hi, I would like to check if we need to make a certified true copy on all the docs that we will be returning to Msia high comm? thanks.

  21. Hi, seemed like a lot of us did not get back our birth cert. I hv gotten the form k, but I Don think they return me my birth cert thou. (Borang w for me cuz born outside Malaysia)
    Any idea how can I retrieve? Or they won’t return us the borang w?
    Sincenow I’m already singaporean, wonder will jpn still entertain me if I ever go down?

  22. Hi I’m a bit confused regarding the requirement of birth certificate. I hope you can clarify:

    1. which is the party that will need us to submit original laminated certificate – ICA or Malaysian High Commission (for processing of renunciation)?
    2. which party will be keeping the original birth certificate for a few weeks ?
    3. ICA only require 2 photocopies of birth certificate and these need not be laminated?
    4. At point of submission of documents to ICA do you need to produce the original birth certificate ? (This is because if Malaysian High Commission keeps the birth certificate at time of processing renunciation for a few weeks than how are we able to produce the original to ICA)

    Thank you very much.

  23. 4 months has just passed since I collected the receipt and I dont see any email or letter from them to collect the form k and birth cert. What should I do? Do I contact them or wait a few more days to see how?

  24. Hi, I was told that renunciation process could take up to 4 months and it might not necessarily be approved. Any idea what could be the content of checks in the process, and should renunciation be rejected, wouldn’t I be holding 2 citizenships in Singapore and Malaysia? In this case, how is it going to affect me?

  25. Hi, may I ask in the citizen application form it asked for PR grant date, is it same as the SG IC issue date? if so why they want to put it as separate fields?

  26. Hi,
    After the renounce, I waited for exactly 4 months and I didn’t get any letter from Msia High Comm to collect Borang K and Birth Cert. What should I do? Which number I should contact in order to find out the reason? Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi echoong, sorry to disturb and trouble you may I ask some question as per below and need you feedback ASAP.

    I got my final approval letter from ICA for singapore citizenship and request me to go msia embessy to renounce. My apoitment in ICA dated on 24th June 2015. I plan to go down msia embessy on 18th do you think I may get the letter from them by 23th June 2015?

    I applied the spore citizenship with my eldest son. Do I need to bring my son to proceed with the renouce? As he is now at msia my hmtown.

    Awaiting your reply soon.

    Warm regards,

  28. I would like to find out more about PTPTN, bank loan, property related issues due to renunciation, can someone with prior experience assists?
    a) PTPTN – Do we need to clear before renunciation?
    b) All bank accounts, mortgage loan, credit card, etc.. is there any impact?
    c) Property ownership – Can we still keep it under our name (Malaysian Citizen status)?

  29. Hi i just completed my SG journey and waiting for letter of approval, would like to know what is the time frame for me to surrender my ic and pp to malaysia high com? i will travel on 27/4 till 2/5, is it not advisable to surrender my ic and pp before my trip? Please advise, thanks.

  30. Hi, I recently submitted the necessary documents for citizenship renunciation as i turned 21. However for Form K, the person only asked for my left and right thumbprint and did not asked for my passport size photo and therefore i submitted From K without photo. Will my application be affected?

  31. Hi. Now the documents need to be translate to English. Does it applies to Malaysia’s documents as well ? I mean, Singapore’s official language is Bahasa Melayu so I am wondering if I present my documents(i.e. birth cert, school cert which are mostly in Bahasa), will it be rejected? Thank you.

  32. Hi, i had received the renunciation of my malaysian citizenship before my singapore citizenship ceremony and the malaysia high comm does not accept temporary NRIC, so i had contacted ICA for my certified copy of singapore NRIC and citizenship certificate. They told me to come back 3 weeks later after my call to collect it, so do i still have to attend the singapore citizenship ceremony after i collected my certified copy of my singapore NRIC?

  33. Can I tick in forms asking for my citizenship status before I get my pink IC as a Singapore citizen as I have renounced my overseas citize ship and no longer considered a PR right? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! 🙂

  34. Hi. As my malaysian passport has expired ever since I have become a Singaporean, can I renounce my Malaysian Citizenship using the expired Malaysian Passport?

  35. Dear all, so after i get my temp singapore nric. i have to wait ceremory in singapore. then i am able to get the notice to collect the form K? because i have to do some ac closing and withdraw of my epf in jb. and also selling my property to others.

    • Yes. U are right. Btw, u r not required to sell your property once u are converted to s’porean. Holding a pink IC still enable u to sell your malaysia property in the future.

      • because i am trying to buy a hdb. but i do not have pink ic. except for the temp nirc and singapore passport. because i dont know when the ceremory to be conducted. it may be very sad. because i do hope that can bring my kids over to sg soon. i went to epf. they said have to wait signed form K. so i believe selling the unit also need form k. singapore passport and temp nric is not allow to. the form that i used for register at ica is mainly an acknowledgement from malaysia high comm for rennoucing of malaysia citizenship.

      • Dear Chong,

        where do i check the new citizen ceremory? my place is marine parade GRC. any website or email to check?

        Thank you!

      • You would need to call the Marine Parade GRC office and ask them. No website or email.
        Usually the new citizen ceremony is done every 3 months or quarterly, depending on the number of new citizens being converted. It can even be half a year later. They will send you a letter advising you when/where/what time. This is based on mine and my friend’s experience.

  36. My apoitment in ICA dated on 12th April 2017. I plan to go down Malaysia embassy on 05th do you think I may get the letter from them by 10th Apr 2017?

  37. Hi, I lost my Birth Cert, can I still renounce my Malaysia Citizenship? Any document that I can produce to replace my birth cert?

  38. Hi I have 3 Malaysia insurance policies, what will happen to them if they matures and I am no longer a Malaysian citizen since I am applying for Singapore citizenship? Thanks

  39. Hi it will be nice to know whether i can still go ahead to take Oath with just a pink slip showing proof i have surrendered my malaysia documents. This is due to my Oath date appointment cannot be change and ICA is not picking up my 10th to 20th calls.

    My only understanding is that i cannot miss the Oath session. So i will go ahead and show myself in person and explain will it be trouble for me?

  40. Hi, as i know that kid below 21 yrs old no need to go for renunciation but do we need to submit any documents to the HCM now to inform the citizenship changed before they reach 21 yrs old ?
    Do we need to inform MOE or school for the citizenship change or the system will automatically reflect once ICA updated the data ?

    Thanks you!

  41. Hi Choong,
    I am still not sure that do I need to submit child’s birth cert and passport also on the day we submit our documents to HCM ? The answer I found only stated ‘no need to renounce child’s citizenship before 21 yrs old’ but how about documents submission ?

    Thanks! I really hope somebody can clear my doubts.

  42. Hi there, I became a Singaporean more than one and a half year ago (Collected IC/Passport and took the oath and i thought everything is done) and then, they sent me this letter telling me that I have not submitted my final renunciation letter from Malaysia (I dont remember collecting it from the embassy too), what can I do now? Do you think Malaysia embassy still keeps it? Please give me some advice! Thank you

    • Hi, May I know what did you do after that? Because my brother happened the same thing as you. He thot he had submitted everything but does not know where goes wrong.

      Please give me some advice as well.

      • Hi Kaydence, your brother might not have submitted the Borang K form if the ICA is prying for it. If he kept his Borang K form collection letter, get him to try collecting the form from Malaysia High Comm. They kept my documents for 3 years past the collection date. Good luck.

  43. Hi, I’m applying for my SG Citizenship and was just wondering if being on the Malaysia Travel Blacklist will affect my application or MY citizenship renunciation?

    I can confirm that I do not owe PTPTN. The only other thing I suspect is causing my name to be in the blacklist if the RM100+ income tax which they sent me a letter 2 years ago, which I have already had my friend to help me pay it off (I have the receipt). So, I really don’t know why is my name on the blacklist currently but I am just wondering will it affect my SG citizenship application or MY citizenship renunciation?

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