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Questions and Answers for Renouncing Malaysian Citizenship

Q&A for Renouncing Malaysian Citizenship

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Q Do I need to make police report for lost expired passport. This is no longer valid today?
A You don’t have to make police report for lost expired passport.

Q  I actually live overseas, so that whole process quite challenging for me to complete and travel out of Singapore with the Singapore passport. I saw in the Singapore website it takes 1 week to get a notice from Singapore government but any idea how long does it really take upon submission of the application for the new Singapore passport to the time that you really get it?
A Yup. It takes 1 week to get your SG passport.

Q Am I able to collect my original birth certificate when I collect the letter 3 working days later?
A It will be returned to you 3-4 months later.

Q Is it possible to collect the letter of renunciation and then rush off in time to ICA for the citizenship registration if I’m able to get a late afternoon appointment?
A I guess you may do so, provided you plan the timing properly

Q Must we surrender the original birth certificate?
A Yes, you have to. And must get it laminated before hand over to the officer. It will be returned to you 3-4 months later.

Q  I will go to the Msian High Comm tomorrow (Aug 16th 2012)morning to renounce my citizenship. If it takes 3 working days, I should have the form K back on Tues Aug 21. Had already made an appt with ICA on Aug 24th Fri. Do you think I get my Spore passport by Aug 30th as I am going to Msia to go to Medan on Sept 1st.? You think I am cutting it too close?
A Hmmmm….. fingers crossed. Yup, you are cutting too close. You can only apply for SG passport on 24th August and it normally takes a week before you can collect your passport (must book the collection time slot via ICA website). So I suggest you email to ICA to request for 21st afternoon or 22nd morning to process your citizenship, tell them your situation.

Q Once you make a payment, does you receive a receipt or collection slip with your name and prove that you have done the renouncement? What is the information stated in the collection slip or receipt? I need to get this slip or receipt to ICA to register my SC immediately due to time constraint.
A Yes, I did receive a receipt and the collection slip. Unfortunately I have trashed my receipt; therefore I’m unable to provide you what information is stated on the receipt. You can’t bring this receipt to ICA as a proof of your renunciation. You will have to collect a letter from the high commission 3 days later (I assume you are Malaysian).

Q The birth cert must be laminated in actual size or A4 size? Mine is in the pocket folder (actual size) and not sure need to laminate or not. Thanks in advance.
A Birth cert has to be laminated, not necessary in A4, just according to the birth cert size will do.

Q Do you have any idea about the Malaysia EPF that previously contributed? How to withdraw it?
A You should be able to withdraw in JB too. Easiest is to call their call center (Google). Good luck.

Q May I know when should we go to renounce Malaysia citizenship? Is it after we completed the Singapore Citizenship Journey?
A You will need to complete the SCJ and after that you will receive a letter from ICA to do the necessary.

Q I have collected the renunciation letter from High Comm and will be going to ICA on Tuesday.
Wish to check if we could apply for a Singapore passport immediately after the session?
Are we allowed to travel after we receive our passport?
A Yes, you may submit your passport application form on the same day you register your new citizenship at ICA. After a week or so you will be informed to collect your passport at ICA and travel out of Singapore using that passport.

Q May I know that the when I fill the form K – should I put “Malaysia” only or I need to put full place – example : “Ampang,Ipoh,Malaysia” on the place of birth and place of Msia I/C issue ?
For the form Annex A – under iv) Profession – should I fill my employer’s name and address?
A you can just put Ipoh, Msia. For annex A, need not put employer and address. It’s good you download the forms and fill in and make photocopies. It saves u a lot of trouble.

Q Do I need to produce my original Malaysian birth certificate when I apply for my new Singapore IC and passport at ICA? I understand that the original Malaysian birth certificate will be retained by the High Commission of Malaysia for renunciation purposes, but I do notice on ICA’s website that original birth certificate may be necessary for IC and passport applications.
A when registering the Singapore citizenship, you just need to produce letter of approval from Malaysian Embassy (attached with photocopy of Malaysian IC and birth cert).

Q Were you issued with a temporary Singapore IC after you have taken the oath at ICA? Were you issued the temporary IC on the same day? Or at later date? Until we obtain our official pink IC during the citizenship ceremony, is this temporary IC valid for use in governmental matters and such?
A Yes, a temporary Pink IC will be issued to you on the same day, also you can submit passport application on the spot. it depends on when is the ceremony of your citizenship, it can be 2 to 4 months after the registration at ICA. The officer will punch a hole on your blue IC and return to you.

Q 2 copies of the Birth certs are to be laminated before submission?
A  Just the original one that need to be laminated.

Q How about renounciation of citizenship for child below 21 yrs old?
A For children below 21 yrs, they dont need to be present for the renounciation. Documents needed:

1) Borang Penyerahan Pasport (3 sets per child)
Can download from here –>
2) letter of approval from ICA (x2 copies)
3) Malaysia/Singapore birth cert (x2 copies)
4) Borang W (x2 copies)
5) Latest Malaysia passport (x2 copies)
6) $5 processing fee

No photos needed for children.

Check out the process for Renouncing your Malaysian Citizenship here

Renouncing your Malaysian citizenship – get the entire process done in 3 working days

I recently (Feb 2012) went to the the Malaysia High Commission in Singapore to renounce my Malaysian citizenship. You can get it done in 3 working days at Malaysia High Comm in Singapore!

The following Information was last updated on 3 Aug 2016.

Here is what you should do:

1.Letter of Approval from Singapore ICA (x2 copies, 1st page will do, ignore the ‘attachment’ page)
2. Malaysia NRIC (x2 copies front & back)
3. Singapore blue IC (x2 copies front & back)
4. Birth Certificate (Must be laminated, x2 copies front & back)
5. Malaysian Passport (Latest one will do, no need to make copy)
6. 3 Passport Sized Photos (White / blue background)
7.  $10/- Cash for processing fee
*IMPORTANT: All photocopies MUST BE in A4 size, if you forgot to do so, there’s a photocopy counter (20 cents each) at the other hall where they process passport applications)
8. Fill up all forms with BLACK pen, in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Go to Malaysia High Comm. on any weekdays between 8am – 11am (You must submit all the forms by 11.30am)

You may download these forms (K form and MY-RN1 form and Additional Information) from the High Comm website before you go to the Malaysia High Comm, which may help you to speed up the process when you are at the High Comm. But on the day, you would need to fill up the ‘original K forms’ again (yellow colour), together with the one that you downloaded from the website.
(The officer there will tell you which form to make copy and which doesn’t have to)

1. Get your pass at the Security Guard outside the gate.
2. Proceed to the Consular Section (or Konsular hall in Malay, just ask for directions from the guard).
3. Look for the their staff at the right corner of the hall, the hall is quite small, well, I should call it a room. Show him what you have got with you and he will give you additional form to fill up.
4. Fill up the first set of forms and get the Annex A photocopied at the other hall.
5. Get him to check your forms once you’re done. He will pass you the final “K form” to fill up. (most ppl who are not sure about the place of issue of your Malaysian IC. Just fill in PETALING JAYA. And the date shall leave it blank.)  don’t bother about the Witness part. Don’t have to fill in, refer to this link
6. Get him to check your K form and supporting documents. And another officer will get your thumbprints done and issue a queue number.
7. Submit your forms and documents at the counter.
8. Wait to be called again for payment. They will issue a collection date (normally 3 working days, some got it the next day) for your letter of renunciation (which you need to bring to ICA to register your Singapore Citizenship).
9. The receipt of S$10/- being admin fee. The collection slip has the date of collection plus an acknowledgement of docs that Malaysia High Commission has taken from you ie. identity card, passport etc.

Things to take note:
– If you are travelling before your appointment with ICA, DON’T renounce your Malaysian citizenship too early as they will keep your passport on that day, that’s the last day you see your Malaysian passport! You won’t be able to travel out of Singapore until you get your Singapore passport later.
– You will surrender your Malaysian I/C, passport and birth cert to the Malaysia High Comm. So you may want to make extra photocopies of those documents just in case you need them in future for reference etc.
– Collection time of the letter of renunciation is between 2.30-3.30pm, 3 working days later (1 reader feedback that he could collect on the next day).

Good luck!

PS: I would like to thank those readers who asked questions and contributed some good pointers in my blog, therefore I have created a new post title ‘Questions and Answers‘, hope it helps!

After your Singapore Citizenship Ceremony:

Dear readers, I just attended the citizenship ceremony last month (July 2012) and thought the following information will be useful to you:
– A week after you Singapore Citizenship Ceremony, you will receive an email from Malaysian High Comm requesting you to collect the K form.
Look out Sender : CONSULAR OFFICER []
– Collect it within a month of the email notification (original birth cert will be returned to you as well).
– Before making a trip to ICA, photocopy the K form and bring along the original one on that day. No need to make appointment for this process.
– Recommended to take your photo at level 1 of ICA building. If not, do inform the photographer that the photo is for NRIC. (Wear darker shirt/ top)
– On the date of appointment. Scan the bar-code (on letter issued by ICA) at the auto-Q no. issuing machine to obtain your Q no. The system is being pre-programed to recognise the application is individual or bundle ( 2 or 3 applicants). Only 1 ticket will be issued. (No need to go to the counter 7/ 8).
– Wait for your no. to be called. Follow the process and your are expecting to meet 3 different officers.

Hope the above helps.